Jacob Lassar


What Makes a City “Smart”?

Digital, green, innovative – what's the real deal behind the buzzwords?
digital destroying paper

Tweet Me the News

Social media allows journalists to reach their audiences directly, bypassing traditional structures. Does it also affect their credibility?Austrians have known it since childhood, and many tune in...

FAQs on the European Parliamentary Election

Quite a few people are still unsure how the EU Election voting system works. Our correspondent Jacob Lasser gives the following brief outline of the essentials.If you are an EU citizen and curr...
EU elections for European Parliament

Europe Goes to the Polls

It is a rainy Friday night, and Ulises is sitting with his girlfriend Laura at a winebar at the Naschmarkt in Vienna. Ulisesis from Madrid and Laura from Vienna, where both of them live and work. It is their first time out together in a long time, and they are sipping a fresh and aromatic GrĂĽner […]
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Stefan Zweig’s Last Days in Brazil: An Exile in Longing for Days Past

How Stefan Zweig set out and found himself isolated in a faraway land The snowy white villa where Stefan and Lotte Zweig once lived, and where they took their own lives, is perched under terracotta roofs over a busy street in PetrĂłpolis, in southeastern Brazil. The noise of traffic and day laborers nearly overshadows the […]
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long distance relationships

How to Stay Close in Long-Distance Relationships

When it feels like distance has doomed your love life, don't give up so soon.Long-distance relationships are living proof that love is not just physical. I can feel you next to me even when yo...
Cover Story - Smart City

Smart City Vienna

From San Diego to Copenhagen, from Vienna to Singapore, everybody wants to become a smart city. But how do you upgrade the world's most livable city?As he carefully takes the slat out of the hiv...