Jakob Weizman

20 years of age and currently working as a journalist, Jakob Weizman is Danish-Colombian and grew up in Washington D.C. He also lived in Bogota, New York, Denmark and currently resides in Pristina, Kosovo, where he's studying to achieve a double major in International Relations and Journalism. Currently in Vienna for an exchange semester at Webster University, he writes for Metropole while falling head over heels for one of the most fascinating cities in the world!

Kosher Cinema

Vienna’s Jewish Film Festival once again presents a broad range of cinematic gems while documenting the achievements of those that came before us. With centuries of ups and downs – persecution, har...

Into The Multiform

Mark Rothko makes his first appearance in Austria, with a comprehensive retrospective spanning his entire career. Unconstrained by the boundaries of expressionism, born from the absurdity of surrealism and defined by the experimental color palettes of his multiforms, Mark Rothko established a name for himself that lives on to this very day throughout the world […]
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