Jennifer Cornick

Jennifer Cornick is a contributor to METROPOLE and avid reader. When she isn't writing, she can be found in Vienna's English bookstores.

Board Game Bonanza Ⓜ️

The genre is experiencing a global renaissance – and Vienna's analog gamers have never had more opportunity to find a place at the table. 
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Where to Find English Books in Vienna

Part I: Where to buy new English books in Vienna Finding bookstores that sell English books in Vienna is no problem. Here’s a few of our favorites. For me there are few pleasures that surpass the simple joy of browsing a bookstore. Different colored spines with intriguing titles line the shelves. Familiar authors entice you […]
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Albert & Tina

On Wednesdays, DJs, art and Booze Intersect at the Albertina

Every Wednesday night, culture vultures stream to Albert & Tina to enjoy an after-work event merging art, drinks and music. The hypnotic beat of house music lures tourists from their picture-...
the revenge of analog

Books | David Sax’s Revenge of Analog, or why your hipster friend’s ...

The desire for real things in real time lies deep in the human psyche argues David Sax in The Revenge of Analog. Evenings, after supper, my father loved to listen to music. Gently removing a reco...
the founder, Ray Kroc

Big Mac Daddy Ray Kroc Portrayed in the Docudrama “The Founder”

The Founder is a fast-food confidential on McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc. Following the lead of the acclaimed The ­Social Network, which dressed down F­acebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, The Founder give...

Don’t Exaggerate, Unless You’re a Caricaturist Exhibiting at Vienna&...

Eurocature, the annual conference and exhibition of caricature artists, brings together international talent to create spitting images. Now in its fifth iteration, the Eurocature festival bring...
the tiger lillies

On Tour, British Cult Band The Tiger Lillies Comes to Vienna

The Tiger Lillies promote their latest album A Cold Night in Soho. Combining prewar cabaret with Brechtian aesthetics, macabre themes and an anarchic punk rock attitude, the highly influential ...
pharmaceutical industry

Big Pharma and the Austrian Economy

Pharma's Market: The pharmaceutical industry has played an important role in Austria’s economic growth. But the challenge remains to find a balance between regulation and competitive pricing. Slu...

Why we Loved Oscar Winner Moonlight

Barry Jenkins’ Oscar winner - Moonlight - tackles contemporary issues, captivating critics and festival audiences A semi-autobiographical cinematic memoir, Moonlight tells of poverty, prejudice a...