Julia Seidl

Julia started out at "Die Presse." She went on to study "Journalism & Media Management" in Vienna and worked for several local news outlets such as ORF, Kurier and Falter before joining Metropole as online content and social media manager.

The End of the City Bikes?

The all-purpose workhorses of the inner city are the last remaining rental bikes in public spaces. But they could disappear soon, says sponsor Gewista. The reason is a dispute over financing.

ÖBB Nightjet Takes You to 28 Destinations in Europe While you Sleep

Flight Shame getting to you? The ÖBB Nightjet offers low-impact alternative routes to several major European cities – or did so before the corona lockdown. A nightly trip to Milan on the eve of the coronavirus crises.

President Van der Bellen Addresses the Nation for a Third Time

“I don't think it's possible for us to see yet what significance this crisis will have for our society. Just as it is impossible for a drop of water to understand the course of a river.”

Doomsday Music | 11 Dystopic Songs About the End of the World

Earthquake, disease or environmental disaster. Even before the crisis, these artists were already thinking about what the proverbial Last Days of Mankind might look like.

Coronavirus | Which Stores Are Open, Which Are Closed in Austria

Since Monday, March 16, Ausgangsbeschränkungen (movement restrictions) have been in force in Austria. How does that affect public transportation, can you go to the doctor, take a walk or buy hygiene products? Can the police penalize you? This list should answer all your questions.

Coronavirus | Austrian President Van der Bellen Addresses Nation

“I am confident that we will succeed, just as we have already achieved a lot together in our country. Please look after yourselves! And together we will look after our Austria. Thank you."

Teachers Hope to Ban Cell Phones in Schools

About 12 years ago, the first “Handys” snuck into school classrooms - and stayed there, distracting students and frustrating teachers. The effects can no longer be denied.

“Mein Fall” | Austrian Writer Tells of Sexual Abuse

As a choirboy at the Zwettl Monastery in the 1960s, novelist Josef Haslinger was regularly assaulted by his superiors. Now he wrote about it.

16 Viennese Idioms That Make No Sense Whatsoever

The Viennese sometimes have their own special way of using the German language, especially when they lapse into dialect. It is often a mixture of gleeful malice, eloquence, flattery and charm.

Telenovela Subtitles for Government Ceremony

Politics sometimes resembles a soap opera. But this gaffe by the ORF takes the comparison to a new level. The results are frighteningly fitting satiric images.

Education Minister Bans “Original Play”

At this club, adults play with children in kindergartens and schools on mats on the floor. Experts see this as an invitation for pedophiles and child abuse.

Outrage Over Contracts at Lauda(motion)

Under a new contract, future flight attendants face salaries below the minimum wage, loss of job protections, and uniforms at their own expense. The union calls these terms “unacceptable”

Swarovski | Salt, Silver & Crystal

He lies there in silence, motion-, and emotionless. Eyes wide open, staring into the distance while a seemingly endless stream of silvery wa...

The Fall of Heinz-Christian Strache

The long-time FPÖ leader – recently disgraced by the Ibiza video and a scandal over his expense account –announced yesterday that he is putting his party membership on hold, calling for party unity.

Who Lives, Who Dies

Last week, a woman in her mid-50s stood before the Vienna Regional Court because she assisted in the death of her partner. She says he would have wanted it that way. 

#dichterdran | Women Show Literary Men How It Feels

In response to condescending treatment of an award-winning young novelist, many take to twitter to turn the tables and reveal sexist attitudes that often pass unremarked.

#Schreddergate – Kurz‘ Social Media Manager Secretly Destroys Hard Drives

Shortly after the Ibiza video was published, an employee of the former Kurz-cabinet shredded several hard disks under a false name at a digital security firm.

Böhmischer Prater | The Fairytale Road

A whistle blares unmistakably through the bushes and shrubs. The little train is ready to depart. “Einsteigen bitte!” (All aboard!) says an au...

Schützenhaus | A Lock on Tradition

Dedicated to the cuisine of imperial times, to Otto Wagner Schützenhaus is steeped in history. The legendary architect Otto Wagner shaped modern Vi...

In Case of a Nationwide Blackout

What would happen if the power failed across Europe? Last week, the Austrian government ran a three-day trial to find out – and they have some pointers for the rest of us

The White Stallions as Cultural Heritage

Forgetting their differences, Austria and Slovenia join forces to seek UNESCO recognition of the Lipizzaner as an "immaterial world cultural heritage....

Kurz in China

At the international Silk Road Forum in Beijing, the Austrian chancellor met Chinese leaders and signed several ambitious new bilateral treaties. W...

Game Over at Carl Hilpert

With its owner retiring and no successor in sight, the Alt-Stadt’s oldest toy shop by Stephansdom will close after 147 years. Schulerstraße 1-3 is...

Brutal Training at the Balletakademie

The elite dance training at the Vienna State Opera school is a scene of everyday emotional and physical abuse, says a recent exposé: Former students a...

New Rules for Cyclists in Vienna

New rules for cyclists have been in force since April 1st as a result of the 30th amendment to Austria’s Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) Riding your ...

Kickl Proposes €1.50/Hour

Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) wants to limit the hourly wage for asylum seekers in public service jobs. To date, cities and municipalities ha...

Google Launches “Market Finder” in Austria

An online platform with digital tools and practical know-how for exporters, the initiative was launched and introduced jointly with the Handelsverband...

Creeping Message Control

Recent government moves appear to be aimed at restricting official data collection and distribution. The opposition sees this as unwarranted interfere...

The Code Makers

Programmers are in high demand. Two Viennese are helping more women to close the digital gap. It’s going on 18:30, but the windows of the...

Book Release | From Empire to Republic

Home Town Media presents From Empire to Republic Thanks for attending the event at Buchhandlung Kuppitsch Schottengasse 4, 1010 Wien In case...

Austria Had One Police Tomcat – and It Ran Away

The tomcat was "hired" to chase away mice in the stables of the new police horses in the Military Academy Wiener Neustadt – but apparently, Austria’s ...

Sports | Hit Me!

With more women getting involved in combat sports, we visited one of Vienna’s all-women gyms. The only man in the room has no arms, legs, hands, feet...

After Sexual Harassment on Facebook l Controversal Verdict in Sigrid Maurer Trial

On October 9, an Austrian judge hands down a controversial verdict. A young woman, called Sigrid Maurer, has to pay €4,000 to Albert Lastufka, the own...

Travel | Living History

A stately gem in Lower Burgenland, Bernstein castle offers respite from modern living History has a way of drawing you in. Lords and ladies, knights ...