Julia Seidl

Born 1993, Julia C. Seidl did her first internship at "Die Presse" when she was 17. She went on to study "Journalism & Media Management" in Vienna and worked for several local news outlets such as ORF, Kurier and Falter before joining Metropole as online content and social media manager.
falter klenk

What the ÖVP and Falter Are Fighting About

Last week, the weekly newspaper Falter published a report stating that the ÖVP is heavily indebted – now they’re seeking an injunction from the court.
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Who Lives, Who Dies

Last week, a woman in her mid-50s stood before the Vienna Regional Court because she assisted in the death of her partner. She says he would have wanted it that way. 

The Top 15 (Weird) Things People Google About Austria

Does Austria exist? Why do Austrian toilets have a shelf? The hive mind sure asks Google some strange questions.

Heinz-Christian Strache’s House Searched

The far-right FPÖ is accused of having secured a top position at Casinos Austria by making political promises to Novomatic.

#dichterdran | Women Show Literary Men How It Feels

In response to condescending treatment of an award-winning young novelist, many take to twitter to turn the tables and reveal sexist attitudes that often pass unremarked.

#Schreddergate – Kurz‘ Social Media Manager Secretly Destroys Hard Drives

Shortly after the Ibiza video was published, an employee of the former Kurz-cabinet shredded several hard disks under a false name at a digital security firm.
I am from Austria

Female Only “I Am from Austria” Musical Now in Japan

The Japanese premiere of the Vereinigte Bühnen Wien in-house production will take place on October 4, 2019.
Austrian election

New Party Funding Law Passed

With the votes of the SPÖ, FPÖ and JETZT, the Nationalrat (National Council) has decided to reform the funding of political parties.
charms of the Ferris wheel and park

Böhmischer Prater | The Fairytale Road

A whistle blares unmistakably through the bushes and shrubs. The little train is ready to depart. “Einsteigen bitte!” (All aboard!) says an automated voice. The green passenger car with yellow wheels and the No. 5 printed on the side shudders into action. The Böhmischer Prater (Bohemian ­Pra­ter) on Laaer Berg in Vienna’s 10th district is […]
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