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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sam Jackson

Sam is Metropole's Events Editor and a frequent contributor. He's also a musician and an avid football fan. If he’s not recording or yelling at the television he’ll likely be out and about in town.

Travel | Bikes, Wine and Castles in the Wachau

The Wachau region is just a stone’s throw from Vienna and its secrets and treasures can be all yours for an afternoon. The dream of slowing down – of escaping the city to spend endless...

Paco Brings España to the 9th District

The spirit of tapas lives on in a new guise at Paco The philosophy of tapas is very much about sharing – be it the small servings, a bottle of sherry or lively conversation. The...
escape games

Why Vienna’s Escape Games are Better Than Booze and Bungee Jumping

Being locked in a little room with nothing but your wits to save you. What better way to spend a Saturday? Some may scale cliff faces to get their kicks, but as I found out, getting...
Maria Lassnig

Discover Never-Before-Seen art by Maria Lassnig at the Albertina This Summer

The celebrated Austrian artist is shown in a new light with many previously unseen works Somewhat ironically for an artist of such renown, Maria Lassnig claimed she was “a researcher, not a painter.” It makes...
il bio

Make Your own Linguine Like Il Bio, the Beloved Italian Bistro on Vienna’s Burggasse

The darling micro-eatery Il Bio is Italian home cooking at its Austrian best. In the 7th district set on a little slice of Burggasse stands a well-kept Viennese secret. Since 2009 Andrea and Roland Prinz have...

Take Festival | So Much More than Just Fashion

If you've never made it to Take Festival before, make sure not to miss it this year! Come experience a lively assimilation of fashion, audiovisual exhibitions, music and pop-up stores spread through-out the 60 rooms of...
Vienna city marathon

Along for the Run: Chasing Vienna’s Marathon

As the Vienna City Marathon nears, runners gear up for their next big rush. An admission: I am not an avid exerciser. Just recently I picked up a bit of casual football after a 10-year...