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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Catherine M. Hooker

Catherine M. Hooker is the head of Communications at METROPOLE. She keeps us honest and in line, creates promotion materials and is our connection to our cooperation partners. She holds a MA in International Relations and also contributes photography to METROPOLE. hooker@metropole.atPhoto: Visual Hub

Thing #303 I’m grateful for | Bleigiessen

Whether you read horoscopes, have your fortune told, or simply fantasize about the year to come, the thrill of seeing into the future has been inherent to the human experience.Three years ago, I was...
vintage wine vienna

Buying Old Wines can be Affordable, but Only When you Have Good Advice

The unique qualities of older vintages aren’t apparent, so let an expert’s insight guide you.Old wines hold a certain mystery. With their dusty labels, shelved away in chilly cellars, their allure is in the...
christmas markets

Thing #216 I’m Grateful For | Christmas Markets

Today, the vast majority of Vienna’s Weihnachtsmärkte (Christmas Markets) open, heralding a season of open-air merrymaking Good for gift shopping or simply soaking up the yuletide atmosphere, visits almost invariably end with a mug (or...
old tram

Thing #89 I’m Grateful For | The Hottest Seat on the Old Tram

It’s getting colder, and sometimes, the cold just won’t get out of my feet and hands when I’m walking around the city – no matter what I do.So my gratitude knows no bounds when...

Thing #198 I’m Grateful For | The Perfectly Timed U-Bahn

Vienna’s public transportation is fantastic. From the annual pass that gets you around town for €1 a day to the frequent intervals, it’s pretty much undisputed that the Wiener Linien (Vienna Transit Authority) spoils...
austrian holidays

Thing #154 I’m Grateful for | Austrian Holidays

Yesterday was Nationalfeiertag (the national holiday), the 62nd anniversary of the second republic, commemorating the day Austria was reestablished by the Allies as an independent, sovereign state after the Second World War.Although I caught...
drink tap water vienna

Thing #265 I’m Grateful for | Viennese Tap Water

Ever since our ‘Good Life’ Issue, Katya Hooker finds something new to be grateful for in this city every weekI only notice how much I appreciate Vienna water when I come back from the...
ma48 trash cans vienna

Trash Can Confessionals: MA48 and its Myriad of Puns

A bright orange fixture of the cityscape, the MA48 is Vienna’s loud and proud department of sanitation. Their numerous trashcans around the city are plastered with irreverent slogans and puns that sometimes need translation...
red wines

Rumor has it That the red Wines from 2017 Will be Fantastic

Unpredictable weather has kept Austrian vintners on their toes, making the 2017 vintage a challenging oneAs smartphones and technology keep us curled up inside, we like to think we have mastered our environment, but ask...