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Monday, October 22, 2018

Catherine M. Hooker

Catherine M. Hooker is the head of Communications at METROPOLE. She keeps us honest and in line, creates promotion materials and is our connection to our cooperation partners. She holds a MA in International Relations and also contributes photography to METROPOLE. hooker@metropole.at Photo: Visual Hub
wine accessories vienna

On The Vine | Where to buy Wine Accessories in Vienna

These three shops in Vienna offer excellent wine accessories By Catherine Hooker & Leopold Winkler Even if it’s not included in the Mercer Quality-of-Life rankings, a well-paired glass of wine with dinner is an Austrian hallmark...

Travel | Fairytale Winter Ferry on the Wolfgangsee

During the holiday season, the Wolfgangsee turns into a paradise for lovers of all things Advent With the Christmas season starting earlier each year, it was no surprise that by early December last year my...
mozart grave

Grave Misconception – How Vienna Lost Mozart

Mozart's Final Resting Place The myth that a destitute Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was buried and abandoned in an unmarked mass grave persists to this day. The movie Amadeus perpetuates this notion, along with a sense of...

Opinion | The Ugly Truth

If you’ve been following the American election, this has been a very tumultuous month for women. The release of a ten-year-old tape showing Donald Trump bragging about sexual assault unleashed a wave of ­disavowal...

Buy it! Christoph Waltz Says So

Oh Christoph Waltz, making Austria so proud. His bemused grin makes us love him even more, even when we know he's taking the piss, we kind of want to buy whatever he's holding in his hand. Like...
walk wine side

On the Vine | Take a Walk on the Wine Side

The Wiener Weinwandertag makes it easy to get to know Vienna’s vintners on their own turf If there is a day that sums up autumn in Vienna, the Wiener Weinwandertag (Vienna Wine Hiking Day) is...

OMG! I’m Such a Wiener!

Those moments when you realize you’ve become Viennese Being designated “Viennese” is a title that must be earned by anyone who is not a native here – and not easily. I moved to Vienna six...

Scenes of Vienna: A Beginner’s Tale

The adventures of a flatlander surviving in the Alps Despite the 6 a.m. train, we planned to hit the slopes the moment we arrived in Oberndorf in Tirol five hours later. The excitement of a...

Grätzl: Schottenviertel – From Friars to Freedom Fighters

In mid-autumn, it is already dark by 19:00 in Vienna. Crossing the Ring at Schottentor, the street glistens under the glow of the streetlamps in the light rain, as passersby take shelter under the...