Karl Neuwinger

Born 1988 in Boston, MA, USA. Started writing at a young age and was published in The New York Times for varies poetic entries. Worked in the film industry as a Director of Photography with writing credentials for The History Channel and numerous independent films around the east coast of the U.S. A jack-of-all-trades, he has sold art, dairy products and also framed houses. After working as a telecommunications engineer for over 10 years, he followed his passion for writing to Vienna and ended up on Metropole’s doorstep.

The Art of Vandalism

Recent exhibits show that graffiti and street art have found a place in Viennese culture – well, maybe

Electric Car Sharing Eco-friendly and Cost-Effective

Emissions-free cars hit the streets, as Viennese rethink mobility and its effects on the environment.
Charlie P’s

Brew-haha! Owner of Brickmakers and Charlie P’s Out of Money

Two popular Viennese venues are on the verge of bankruptcy, losing customers to “hot summers” and a misreading of the market.

Driverless Buses in Vienna’s Seestadt On The Road Again

Self-driving vehicles are being tested as part of the Traffic Ministry’s “Mobility for the Future” program.

Austria Could Excel at New Olympic Sports

The International Olympic Committee has added four new sports to the Summer Games. We take a look at Austria’s readiness to compete 
Soundstairs, performing as part of the JazzFest 2019 in Vienna, Austria.

JazzFest Now Syncopating Vienna Nights

The JazzFest Wien 2019 lines up some of the world’s coolest cats.
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Rainbows Across Vienna: EuroPride 2019

LGBTQI* pride month finished with a spectacular march along the Ringstraße – and a laudatio by President Alexander Van der Bellen

The Viennese Still Like Their City, Survey Shows

A new study by Stadt Wien and IFES gives Vienna good scores for managing growth, safety, health and housing

Around the Town in 23 Days

The Wir sind Wien festival brings theater, music and local culture to each of Vienna’s districts – one day at a time and free of charge.