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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Lanay Griessner

Lanay Griessner is a scientist and freelance journalist living in Vienna. She has a PhD in molecular biology from the Medical University of Vienna and is currently working in the biotech industry.

Taming the Great River: Vienna’s Healthy Relationship with the Danube

Vienna has been shaping its stretch of the Danube for 500 years. But only in the 19th century was it possible to alter Vienna’s riverscape and revamp public health In the 1800s, Vienna was just...
pale rider

Books | Laura Spinney’s Pale Rider Captures a Moment in Time of the Spanish...

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rodent vr

Vienna Researchers Pioneer Rodent VR

Virtual reality is only for tech enthusiasts? Get ready to see fish, mice and fruit flies join the VR craze with scientists from Austria and Germany For generations, scientists and sci-fi fans have inspired each other to...

How Fear Makes you an Instant Superhero 

The fight-or-flight response is designed to prepare us for danger, but what really happens, when the adrenaline kicks in? On a bright sunny morning, you are walking down the street, minding your own business, when...
rigor mortis

In “Rigor Mortis,” author Richard Harris takes aim at sloppy science

Richard Harris’ book Rigor Mortis inspires scientific soul-searching. Let’s start out addressing the elephant in the room: There are a lot of scientific studies that are just not reproducible, period. It’s not about one lab,...
genetic modification

Saved from Your Genes

Fertility specialists have made a breakthrough that could eradicate a rare deadly disease. So why isn’t the world celebrating? After several miscarriages and the deaths of two children at an early age, a Jordanian woman...

Science: Physics Showdown in Russia

A group of gifted high schoolers will defend Austria’s “physical” fitness at the International Young Physicists’ Tournament in early July The Austrian team’s enthusiasm is palatable as it gears up for tournament, the culmination of...
Medical Apps

Science & Technology: Doctor in Your Pocket

Have you ever googled your symptoms? Everyone wants to avoid trips to the doctor. These apps may give patients insights and help doctors diagnose better and faster It can be hard to talk to a...

Science & Technology: Creepy Crawling Avatars – Cybertaxonomy

A new way of documenting species digitally – cybertaxonomy – allows more intricate research and the images can be shared all over the world The new guy, Ommatoiulus avatar (or O. avatar for short), is...