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Friday, July 20, 2018

Lanay Griessner

Lanay Griessner is a scientist and freelance journalist living in Vienna. She has a PhD in molecular biology from the Medical University of Vienna and is currently working in the biotech industry.

Science & Technology: Protecting Genetic Privacy

Open source genomics raise enormous challenges when protecting patient identityOver the past decade the genomic revolution has taken off in spectacular style ushering in the potential for truly personalized medicine. At the same time,...

Science & Technology: Creepy Crawling Avatars

A new way of documenting species digitally allows more intricate research and the images can be shared all over the worldThe new guy, Ommatoiulus avatar (or O. avatar for short), is a tiny species...

The Rhythm of the Day

A new study at Vienna’s University of Veterinary Medicine shows how cells change according to daily rhythms, with significant consequences for your healthIt’s morning, you’ve had a solid night’s sleep, the sun is shining...