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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Lisanne Brouwer

Having recently moved to Vienna from the Netherlands, Lisanne spends her time exploring the city, writing for Metropole and improving her Deutsch skills. She holds a Liberal Arts and Sciences BA, is passionate about Diversity and Cultural Studies and likes theatre, cooking, trying out new restaurants and singing in the shower.

Benjamin Britten’s take on a Midsummer Nights Dream Comes to Life in a Brand...

Benjamin Britten’s take on Shakespeare’s seminal comedy comes to life in a brand new production.English may not be nearly as popular as Italian, German or French in the world of opera, but there are...

Retrospective: Anton Romako

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“The Shape of Time” Brings New Masters to the Kunsthistorisches Museum

Old Masters meet the new, bridging the gaps in the KHM’s collection.Despite representing some 5,000 years of human artistic endeavour, the 200 years before our present day are perennially underrepresented in the collection of...