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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Liam Hoare

A freelance writer on politics and literature based in Vienna. He is the Europe editor for Moment and a frequent contributor to Slate, The Forward and Tablet.

Britwurst Brings British Breakfast Sausages to Vienna

An expat has made a tidy business out of delivering tasty traditional British breakfast sausages to hungry Viennese Richard Holmes had always been a hobby cook, but in 2011 he began a venture that would...
referendum spain catalonia

Amid Raids and Arrests, Catalonia Wants to Break Free from Spain

The October independence referendum is rattling Spain and inspiring secessionist movements across Europe. For better and worse, it’s all about the EU Note: Original headline "...Wants to Break Free from the EU" corrected to "...Wants...
green party

Opinion | The Troubled State of the Austrian Left

With the Greens absorbed in internecine warfare, the prospects for a progressive left agenda look increasingly dim With just a month until the parliamentary elections, the Greens are in disarray. Since the first of the year,...