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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Michael Bernstein

American expat Michael Bernstein moved to Vienna in 2001, abandoning his previous career in arts administration. He is now a freelance writer, editor, translator and Internet Marketing consultant. He was a regular contributor to inventures.eu — an E-zine about the Austrian/CEE startup scene — and was Lead Editor for its 2015 Ventures Almanach. Photo: Visual Hub
A frozen Donau

When the Danube Freezes Over… Skate on it!

Ice on the Alte Donau is a rare occurrence, bringing equally rare smiles to Vienna winters In all my 15 years of living in Vienna, this winter has been the coldest, by far. Such a ceaseless...
big data

The Oracles of Big Data

Data science is currently among the hottest fields of study and its practitioners are in high demandFor many, the 21st century buzzword “Big Data” conjures up fears of “Big Brother,” the personified surveillance state...
Akademikerball Protest

Akademikerball Protests on Jan 26: What You Need to Know

Planned Protests Against the FPÖ's Akademikerball in Vienna on Jan 26, 2018 | Police Mobilize in Large Numbers | Many City Streets to be Closed offVienna’s “Akademikerball” has been under the patronage/protection of the...

Whose Luxury is it Anyway?

Two Viennese entrepreneurs with very different paths to success embody the city’s attitude towards luxuryIf someone pointed a gun at my head and ordered me to name five luxury brands from Vienna, I’d be...
The Mourning after

The Mourning After

Somehow, a rift erupted in the space-time continuum last night. I awoke this morning in a parallel universe in which the world had gone completely mad.As I put my 12-year-old daughter to bed last...
Martinigansl at Gasthaus Wild

Geese go to Eleven – Gasthaus Wild

At Gasthaus Wild, the Austrian custom of roast goose for St. Martin’s is a veritable feastThe annual celebration of St. Martin’s Day (Nov 11) originated in Tours, France, and spread throughout the European Catholic...
Bard's Reign

A Bard’s Reign’s a-Gonna Gall

Recently, an aging American celebrity with implausibly dyed hair has caused bitter discord between his avid supporters and those who are repulsed by his undecipherable utterances (and even the sound of his voice). No,...

Vienna in 200 Seconds: Pitch the City Video Awards

€10,000 in prizes awarded to the top three video shorts about Vienna Last June, when the Vienna Business Agency (Wirtschaftsagentur Wien) put out a call for entries for its video contest "200 Seconds Vienna –...

WIN-WIN-WIN!!! Election History Quiz

Do the slogans and quips from U.S. elections stand up to the test of time? Test your meme-ory!This election has seen its fill of wacky catchphrases: from “Build the Wall!” to “Basket of Deplorables,”...