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Monday, February 18, 2019

Michael Bernstein

American expat Michael Bernstein moved to Vienna in 2001, abandoning his previous career in arts administration. He is now a freelance writer, editor, translator and Internet Marketing consultant. He was a regular contributor to inventures.eu — an E-zine about the Austrian/CEE startup scene — and was Lead Editor for its 2015 Ventures Almanach. Photo: Visual Hub

WIN-WIN-WIN!!! Election History Quiz

Do the slogans and quips from U.S. elections stand up to the test of time? Test your meme-ory! This election has seen its fill of wacky catchphrases: from “Build the Wall!” to “Basket of Deplorables,”...

Just (hold your nose and) Do It!

The U.S. presidential election is nigh. Many American citizens living abroad are scrambling to get their absentee ballots and mail them on time. But is it worth the price of postage? When I was assigned...

From Lab Coats to Pinstripes

Academia and business don’t mix? A group of Austrians set out to bridge the gap, and business is booming Great ideas are born in the laboratories, classrooms and think tanks of Austria’s educational institutions. Many, however,...
expat vote

The Power of the Expat Vote

For American citizens overseas, doing your civic duty is easier than you think: Cast an absentee ballot! The impact of absentee voting was made abundantly clear in at least one national election. One party’s candidate...
cooperative city

The Cooperative City

Smart cities need smart citizens. A growing movement of initiatives and startups, harnessing social media and using top-notch technology, aims to give city residents a voice at City Hall Technology entrepreneurs don’t normally have much...
grätzl oberdobling

Grätzl | Oberdöbling – The Noble Nineteenth’s Bourgeois Ghetto

Vienna’s hilly north side may be cozy but not sleepy The 19th district, Döbling, is one of Vienna’s “noble” districts:  along with Hietzing (13th) or Währing (18th), among the most desired. Its name stems from...
boat rental

Alte Donau – Boat Rental Locations

In our Summer 2016 print edition, I wrote about the full-moon boat rides on the Old Danube (Alte Donau). But why wait for a full moon? You can make a romantic boat ride on...
Computer intelligence in music

Technology: Artificial Intelligence in Music

Scientists are teaching computers about the complex factors that make music expressive. Might computers outperform humans someday? The digital age has been a mixed blessing for musicians. Digital electronics can supplant live performers and illegal...

On Tonight: Moon River – Evening Cruise on the Alte Donau

Under a night sky, boating can rekindle romance – if you avoid the obstacles With schools out and the European Championships drawing to a close, it may be time for many couples to reboot their...