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Friday, November 17, 2017

Martin Ehl

Chief International Editor of the Czech economic daily Hospodářské noviny and a syndicated columnist writing on Central European issues.
Putin visits Orban

Opinion | How Putin’s Visit to Hungary has Changed the Game in Europe

An unspectacular visit by Vladimir Putin is an important measure of the growing pressures on a united Europe On February 2, Vladimir Putin arrived in Budapest. That simple sentence written in this fast-moving and unpredictable...

Opinion | Education in Post-Communist CEE

What is the best role for government in higher education, hands-on or off the table? It might seem strange that a generation after the fall of the Iron Curtain, good quality education is still scarce...
Eastern Europe Innovation

International: Innovation in Eastern Europe – Rupture, Risk And the Quiet Life

Shattering upheavals have left Central and Eastern Europe longing for calm, but a disruptive new generation is looking towards innovation There has been no shortage of out-of-the-box ideas: A flying car and an energy-self-sufficient mobile...

Op-ed: In Brexit, We All Lose

Britain, our role model in language, constitutional law, education and business, would gradually feel farther and farther away I want to encourage my children to learn English, although they are not always as enthusiastic as...

Op-Ed: The Short Long Term

With Central European governments constantly changing the rules, it has become impossible for families or businesses to plan for the future A quarter century might seem like a long time, surely time enough to plan to...

International: The New European Divide

How the refugees bring the danger of new walls between East and West The wave of refugees flooding in across the borders has caught the European Union off guard. While older EU members have...