Martin Ehl

Chief International Editor of the Czech economic daily Hospodářské noviny and a syndicated columnist writing on Central European issues.

What “Rule of Law” Means Since the EU Budget Summit

On the surface, the EU budget summit smoothed over the friction between Brussels and the bloc’s problem children. Deeper down, the rift may be growing.
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Croatian Holiday – Deference and Denial on Dalmatian Summer Beaches

On the eve of new travel warnings, locals tried to follow the rules while not annoying the tourists – producing perplexing compromises and catastrophic carelessness.

Growth and Its Discontents

Central Europe has experienced a soaring economy in the last two decades. Yet the disaffection of many shows the limits of what economic gro...

Opinion | How Putin’s Visit to Hungary has Changed the Game in Europe

An unspectacular visit by Vladimir Putin is an important measure of the growing pressures on a united EuropeOn February 2, Vladimir Putin arrive...

Education in Post-Communist CEE

What is the best role for government in higher education, hands-on or off the table?It might seem strange that a generation after the fall of th...

Op-ed: In Brexit, We All Lose

Britain, our role model in language, constitutional law, education and business, would gradually feel farther and farther awayI want to encourag...

Op-Ed: The Short Long Term

With Central European governments constantly changing the rules, it has become impossible for families or businesses to plan for the futureA qua...