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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Margaret Childs

Margaret Childs is CEO and Editor in Chief of Metropole. Originally from New York, she has called Vienna home since high school. She is a board member of AustrianStartups, the independent non-profit platform, which aims to make Austria as famous for entrepreneurship as it is for skiing. She is known for loving Vienna passionately, talking too fast and inhaling coffee like there's no tomorrow. She tweets @mtmchildsPhoto: Michèle Pauty
editors letter november

Editor’s Letter | We the People | October 2015

Newsrooms around the world are discussing how and when to use the words “refugee” and “migrant.” Terminology is key when it comes to why people are fleeing or seeking a better home. It gives...

11 more ways you know you’re really Viennese

So you've been here for a while, but still aren't sure if you've truly integrated? If you answer yes to at least 6 things on this list, you've arrived. Congratulations.Your weekend begins at 3pm on...

A Magazine for Expats?

The idea was to reach all of them. The many pockets of expats and internationals who live and work in Vienna. We held focus groups, took surveys, did research and most importantly listened. And now the...

16 Ways you know you’re really Viennese

It doesn't take being born here to belong. The most convincing Viennese are from all over Austria and the world and have adopted the ways of the city. Vienna lures you into its grasp and before...