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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Margaret Childs

Margaret Childs is CEO and Editor in Chief of Metropole. Originally from New York, she has called Vienna home since high school. She is a board member of AustrianStartups, the independent non-profit platform, which aims to make Austria as famous for entrepreneurship as it is for skiing. She is known for loving Vienna passionately, talking too fast and inhaling coffee like there's no tomorrow. She tweets @mtmchildsPhoto: Michèle Pauty
digital humansim

Melange | Christoph Thun-Hohenstein on Design for the Neo-Biedermeier age

MAK director Christoph Thun-Hohenstein on the resonance of objects, digital humanism and how we can design our way out of the singularityEvery day, as the sun rises over the rooftops of the Ringstrasse, the...

Editor’s Letter | The Beef Between Art and Design | September 2017

Art and design are at the center of a semantic battle. Design can serve the purpose of making things attractive, easy to use, evocative, or simply functional. But unlike fine art, with design, there’s...
Hotel Brillantengrund

Hotel am Brillantengrund and Proprietor’s Marvin Mangalino Recipe for Bistek

The feisty proprietor of Hotel am Brillantengrund runs a family restaurant and art space with a world-famous hipster hotel attached.Marvin Mangalino is obsessed with cycling and seemingly at one with his hotel. Since he...

Editor’s Letter | Designer Destinations | July/August 2017

Has the world gotten smaller? It feels as though I have an impression of every corner of the globe.Whether it’s an image of someone backpacking through India, snapshots of a long weekend on the...
Marion Payr

Melange | Catching Travel Blogging Fever with Instagram Pioneer Lady Venom

Austrian Marion Payr talked to editor-in-chief Margaret Childs on the evolving world of social media, trends in travel and why Vienna is the best city to come home to.Marion Payr has one of the...

Penne à la Vodka at Treubleiben Wien

A Persian New Yorker transplants Brooklyn grub to Kirchengasse   At Treubleiben, one of the more recent additions to the Kirchengasse gastro-strip, Kaveh Tabatabaie has recently revamped the menu, doing what so many expats have done...
editor's letter

Editor’s Letter | Romancing the City | June 2017

As the Beatles said, when cynicism and sarcasm don’t get the better of us, that warm, gooey emotion – Love with a capital L – can really be all we need.The feeling is so...
Julian Wiehl

Melange | A Drink with Julian Wiehl, Editor-in-Chief of Vangardist Magazine

Julian Wiehl is the mind behind Vienna’s “progressive men’s magazine”, Vangardist, showcasing the savoir vivre of the gay communityIn 2015, Vangardist Magazine and the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi paired up to break new ground...
Donaukanal hotspots

On the Canal: Waterfront Dining, Where 1010 Meets 1020

Every year the Danube Canal promenade gets a little more sexy, with laid-back bars, delicious street-food-style eateries and the urban attitude to match. Here are our top 10 picks for 2017Tel Aviv Beach2., Obere...