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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Margaret Childs

Margaret Childs is CEO and Editor in Chief of Metropole. Originally from New York, she has called Vienna home since high school. She is a board member of AustrianStartups, the independent non-profit platform, which aims to make Austria as famous for entrepreneurship as it is for skiing. She is known for loving Vienna passionately, talking too fast and inhaling coffee like there's no tomorrow. She tweets @mtmchildsPhoto: Michèle Pauty

Sport | A Beginner’s Guide to Whitewater Rafting on the Salza River

Rafting in the Mostviertel may be a thrill, but to Rudi Scheiblechner, it’s business as usualBraving the elements armed only with a paddle, every year countless people take the plunge down the playful and turbulent...
Letter from the editor – May 2017

Editor’s Letter | The Fast and the Frivolous | May 2017

What is it with the comfort zone? It sounds pretty good, so why are we constantly told to get out of it?Whether we’re hurling ourselves out of airplanes, heli-skiing, flirting, gambling or pushing deadlines...
hermann hauser

Melange | How Hermann Hauser Gets Lucky in Deep Tech

We spoke to the Austrian-born serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Hermann Hauser about betting on the market, reading a team and digging into new technologies.Hermann Hauser lost his first bet. He was a child...
Dr. Christoph Zielinski

Cancer Specialist Dr. Christoph Zielinski on Viennese Health Care

Vienna’s most prominent cancer specialist, Christoph Zielinski, on precision medicine, unhappy doctors, and why social equality is the key to successful health care.All in all, Dr. Christoph Zielinski loves his work. As the head of...
Metropole – Vienna in English

Editor’s Letter | April 2017

What’s in a NameI’m terrible at Siezen. That fine art of gauging when to address someone formally with “Sie” and when to cross the threshold to “Du” and being on a first-name basis. The...
Pures Leben Chalets Styria

Pures Leben Chalets in South Styria – Country Life for Beginners

An out-of-town house experience with all the comforts of modern living. I’ll be the first to admit it. City kids always look a little out of place on a rolling hillside. It’s something about the...
old university quarter

Grätzl | Vienna’s old University Quarter

A tradition of temptationIn medieval Vienna, the hilly streets of the northeast quarter – encompassed by Rotenturmstraße, Fleischmarkt, Stubenring and the Wollzeile – was home to Vienna’s Old University, and the pleasure establishments that...
johannes kopf

Melange | Unemployment Chief Johannes Kopf on Dream Jobs, Minimum Income and the Threat...

The head of Austria’s Public Employment Service (AMS), Johannes Kopf on the Chancellor’s Plan A employment ideas and why careers are like trees“There are lots of areas of work that are interesting, more than...
letter from the editor

Editor’s Letter | March 2017

A Penny for your DreamsEver heard the quote “Find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day of your life”? It’s Confucius. And in this case, I fear, the great man...