Yaël Ossowski

Yaël Ossowski is consumer advocate and writer. He's currently deputy director at the Consumer Choice Center, and senior development officer for Students For Liberty. He was previously a national investigative reporter at Watchdog.org.He has a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE) from the CEVRO Institute in Prague and a Bachelor's in Political Science from Concordia University, Montreal.Born in Québec and raised in the southern United States, he currently lives in Vienna, Austria.
Maurizio Poletto, deigner of the George online banking app

Banking for the People

In the first installment of our new series of how expats built their careers in Vienna, we talked to Maurizio Poletto, the designer behind Erste Bank’s acclaimed banking interface, George. As professional marketers and designers know, digitally savvy millennials are some of the toughest customers out there. As early adopters and influencers, millennials have become […]
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Kickl Seeks Preventive Detention of ‘Dangerous’ Refugees

In a press conference Monday afternoon, Austrian Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) outlined his plans for "Sicherungshaft," a legal change that would allow preventative detention for refugees deem...

The Flow of Commerce | How the Danube Energizes Austria’s Economy

The Danube powers many an industry on its way to the Black Sea, from hydropower to high-volume logistics Flowing through 10 countries – from the Black Forest to the Black Sea – the Danube River has unified a Central European population of some 83 million people of otherwise very different cultures and nationalities. Its waters […]
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marshall plan

The Marshall Plan: How Austria Benefited 70 Years ago

With an entire continent in ruins, the Marshall Plan planted the seeds for a peaceful, prosperous Europe As the Second World War finally ground down to an end in Europe, Austria lay devastated, its economy in shambles, its territory carved up by the victorious Allied powers into zones of authority for the U.S., France, Britain […]
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Sebastian Kurz

Why Austria’s Millennial Minister Sebastian Kurz Could be Dangerous

On Saturday, July 1st, in a muted and highly uncontested leadership election in Linz, Austria, 30-year-old Sebastian Kurz secured 98.7 percent of the vote to head the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) before October’s elections. A mere three days later, the headlines surrounding Kurz were far less flattering. A scandal surrounding a study on religious kindergartens […]
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Red Bull Skydive Team

Ever Dreamed of Jumping out of Planes for a Living? The Red Bull Skydive Team Ta...

Red Bull gives a fearless troupe wings to become mile-high paragons of their sportHigh above the Austrian Alps, a trio of professional athletes prepare their gear. Helmet? Check. Gloves? Check. ...
medical innovation

Just What the Doctor Ordered | The Past, Present and Future of Medical Innovatio...

Since the 18th century this city has been on the cutting edge of medical innovation. What is the next frontier?Vienna at the fin de siècle was the center of a massive empire that covered 20 perc...
Dealing with stress

Dealing with Stress

One study divides how we cope with anxiety into four categories: Guardians, Integrators, Drivers and Pioneers. Which one are you?“Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles...
Smart Urbanism

Smart Urbanism: Utopian Vision or False Dawn?

Smart cities claim to improve the lives, productivity and eco-balance of their citizens. A new collection of essays questions whether the vision lives up to the promiseThe notion that technologi...