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This was written by the Metropole editorial Team. Sometimes its an expat, sometimes a native, most of the time the lines are blurred, and sometimes we're sharing someone else's content, but we always say so. Oh yeah, and buy our magazine! Thanks.

Alpengummi – A Taste of the Wild

Claudio Bergero and Sandra Falkner, founders of Alpengummi, cannot wait to tell us about chewing gum - and there is much to know. It took two years of research and product development to bring their...
Fall issue out now_viereck

City Planning Masterpiece – Explore Our Fall 2019 Issue

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marketa x Metropole x Metropolitans

August Special for New Metropolitans

In August, METROPOLE is partnering with Viennese startup markta to offer our new subscribers a special opportunity to try out local Austrian farmers’ products for free.
Dr. Christiane Falkner-Radler

Where Your Needs Are Seen: Ophthalmologist & Eye Surgeon Dr. Christiane Fal...

At her medical practice in Vienna’s 9th District, Associate Professor Dr. Christiane Falkner-Radler is always happy to see new people.

The Metropole News Quiz

Have you been paying attention to what happened in Vienna this week?

Farewell, Britannia!

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vienna ice cream

Vienna’s Best Ice Cream

With legions of purveyors of frozen treats, Vienna has ice cream for any given sundae.

Summer 2019 | High Stakes

Our summer issue revolves around games, gaming and gambling – all that has to do with fun (and high stakes).