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Saturday, November 17, 2018

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Feedback from Our Readers

Many thanks for your thoughts, ideas and insights! If you have something to say about Vienna or a story you read here, tell us all about it. Send your feedback in an email to...

Social Media Snapshots

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Stats That Matter: Who Built Vienna

Throughout the ages, Vienna has been shaped by many architectural styles. We selected some of the most influential ones and the monuments they have left behind for us to admire.

Quotable Quotes: Architecture

Every month, we list up a bunch of quotes that we like. Here are our best quotes about architecture:  

Must-See Art Events This Month

Take a closer look at Claude Monet's impressive collections at the Albertina, and celebrate up-and-coming local and international art at the Vienna Design Week Claude Monet Exhibition Dive into the effervescent, shimmering world of the father...

Local Finds: September 2018

Whether it’s with handmade leather crafts, a hot new fashion emporium or tiny houses for everyone, this month’s local finds make it easy to express yourself. R. HORN’S* rhorns.com 1., Herrengasse 6-8 In the same vein of the...

Where to Cycle this Month: Thermenradweg

Lower Austria's Thermenradweg bike path is an impressionist dream just south of Vienna Waterways tell stories that have touched generations. Sometimes they have a silvery glimmer, sometimes green, golden or shades of blue, reflecting the...

The Last Word: Pfuschen

Verb. 1. To do a slipshod, haphazard, unprofessional or poor-quality job; 2. To work with inferior materials; 3. To do Schwarzarbeit (lit. “black-market labor”), the practice of working off-the-books, without paying taxes, social security,...

On Screen: Back to the Fatherland

Three Israelis return to the land of their ancestors, confronting the specters of the past and challenges of the present How to live in a country that tried to kill your grandparents? And can you be...