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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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Treat Yourself Like Austrian Royalty with May’s Local Finds

On the cusp of summer, dress like an empress, chillax like a lord and drink a liquid homage to the Käsekrainer.by Lisanne Brouwer and Lana Sharp Imperial Shop ViennaEven the most temperate Viennese cannot help...
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Undistorted Feedback From Our Readers | May 2018

Many thanks for your thoughts, ideas and insights! If you have something to say about Vienna or a story you read here, tell us all about it. Send an email to office@metropole.at.Re: “The Dangers...

A Land Lost & Found: Czechia’s Spectacular Comeback

Czechia has experienced hard times and a spectacular comeback. In the border regions, all this is magnified. by Luboš Kreč & Benjamin WolfYou would be hard-pressed to find two such different villages as Horní Blatná and Doubice. And yet, they have...

Empire to Republic | We Built this Country: The People Who Shape Czechia

It takes all types to build a Republic. We give a voice to people from different backgrounds and generations who shaped and continue to shape Czechia.by Martin Ehl & Luboš Kreč

The MAK Celebrates Otto Wagner’s 100th Anniversary

The MAK shows the enduring influence of the seminal architect, from the 19th century to today.Leaving an epochal impact on Vienna’s appearance, architect Otto Wagner also left a lasting mark on modernism, inspiring future...

Rachel Whiteread, Creator of Vienna’s Holocaust Memorial, Returns for a Major Exhibit

The celebrated British sculptor gets her first extensive review in Austria.Best known in Vienna for her Holocaust memorial on Judenplatz, Turner-prize winner Rachel Whiteread is one of the most recognizable sculptors of her generation,...
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TEDx Brought “The Age of Amazement” to Vienna

On a beautiful and sunny Saturday afternoon, a steady stream of young people filed into the Gartenbaukino. What would make these determined folks forego a leisurely day at the nearby Stadtpark in favor of...