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100 Years of Women’s Vote

A hundred years ago February 16th women exercised their right to vote in Austria for the first time.  In some quarters of society - the Catholic Church particularly - women's political participation h...
paternity leave austria

Papa Stays Home

The Papamonat (paternity leave) has been a PR coup for the present government.  After long opposing a new fathers' right to take a month off work, the ruling conservative parties have signed it in...

Viennese Students Strike for Climate Action

While Austria’s policy-makers are enacting numerous bills against climate change (Green Belt STEP 2025, Smartcity Wien environmental projects), young people are determined to apply even more pressure ...

No Rest for the Wicked

With Austrian law still lenient towards violent crimes, the government is determining new measures on Feb 13, raising penalties on offenses such as rape, domestic violence and stalking.The newly ...

All resident EU Citizens can vote for these Austrian Candidates

Your Voice in the EUWith a lot of heated campaigning buzzing around its ears, the European Union's parliament elections are set to take place in May 2019. Austria's candidates include the current ...

Inherit Your Future

INHERIT propels more sustainable lifestyles in Europe Confronted with unprecedented climate changes around the world—from sudden heatwaves to unexpected droughts, to violent flash floods and devasta...

December/January 2018

Discover Austria’s traditions and heritage: the local culture is more than just Mozart, Schnitzel and Lederhosen!

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