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Sunday, October 21, 2018

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Stats That Matter: Pets in Austria

In case you ever wondered how many Austrians own pets, or were just generally looking for a place to find random facts and stats about animals, we got you covered. Click to zoom!

Feedback From Our Readers

Many thanks for your thoughts, ideas and insights! If you have something to say about Vienna or a story you read here, tell us all about it. Send an email to office@metropole.at. To the editor, (In...

Quotable Quotes: Animals and Us

Every month, we're listing up a bunch of quotes that we like. Here are our best quotes about animals:

13 Things We Love Right Now

ZWILLING MIYABI GYUTOH 5000 MCD http://www.zwilling-messer.de/ © Zwilling Functionality and harmonious aesthetics are combined in this beautiful, all-purpose Japanese-style knife. A trusty friend in any kitchen, its blade is crafted from micro carbide powdered steel for premium...

Our Local Finds This Summer

As summer hits a crescendo, we check out some intriguing new concepts, from quality pet food to alternative medicine and Japanese denim. IRON HEART VIENNA 7., Burggasse 100A Beloved among bikers, this heavy-duty utilitarian Japanese clothing brand...

Hungary for More? This Map Shows You Everything you Need to Know

By Anastasia Gromontova & Benjamin Wolf

My Home is My Grätzl: Cottageviertel

by Anastasia Gromontova & Binu Starnegg The lure of suburbia, with its promise of the tranquility of country life within city limits, is a strong one. And while Vienna mostly consists of large Gründerzeit apartment...
vienna cobenzl

Treat Yourself Like Austrian Royalty with May’s Local Finds

On the cusp of summer, dress like an empress, chillax like a lord and drink a liquid homage to the Käsekrainer. by Lisanne Brouwer and Lana Sharp Imperial Shop Vienna Even the most temperate Viennese cannot help...