Naomi Hunt

Naomi Hunt is a managing editor at Metropole, with roots in the U.S. and Malaysia that have long been buried under Austrian soil. She previously served as a program manager at the International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) and was a Senior Press Freedom Adviser at the International Press Institute (IPI).

Red Cross Sanguine in Blood Drive Dispute

The Austrian Red Cross has called for a law to be lifted that requires a medical doctor to be present at blood drives; the Medical Chamber disagrees

E-Scooter Troubles

Electric scooters offer a fast and affordable means to zip around town – but as with other new tech, there are growing pains.

Bomb Threat Leads to Shootout Near Innsbruck

A caller’s threat to the Altstadt in Innsbruck on Wednesday led to a wide-ranging evacuation and shootout between the alleged caller and police.

Uber’s Last-Ditch Petition to Avoid Taxi Rules

A new law would impose standardized cab fares on ride-hailing services Uber and Holmi – which they and the NEOS say undermines fair competition.

Creative Bookkeeping at the WKO

The Vienna Chamber of Commerce has been “hiding” payments to retirees as non-profit contributions, while the Chamber says the auditors knew about it all along.
Vienna Police Brutality at FridaysforFuture demos

Vienna Police Under Scrutiny for Violence

Officers captured on video striking activists has brought recriminations, reviews and uproar on social media.

The Sweet Taste of Success

How hard work and good planning made Taybat Sweets a Viennese Model for Entrepreneurship

U.S. Consular Services with a Side of Fries, Please

The U.S. Embassy in Austria has partnered up with McDonald‘s to help “citizens in distress”. We sent an American to try it out.
Ibiza Gate

FPÖ Dodges Fallout from Ibiza-Gate

The Freedom Party paints itself as a victim of conspiracies, but numerous unanswered questions remain.
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