Naomi Hunt

Naomi Hunt is a managing editor at Metropole, with roots in the U.S. and Malaysia that have long been buried under Austrian soil. She previously served as a program manager at the International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) and was a Senior Press Freedom Adviser at the International Press Institute (IPI).
fridays for future

Fridays for Future | How a Movement of Kids Is Leading the Way

This Friday, the youth-led movement will launch its largest collective action ever. Three local representatives tell us how complex the challenge is – and how, with collective effort, we can rise to the challenge.

Blue + Yellow = Green | Let’s Talk Trash

Sorting out recyclables just got a little easier in Vienna, thanks to an initiative that lets people chuck plastic and metal into the same container.
survival guide

Back to School | Our Vienna Survival Guide for Education Helps Expats Aged 1 to ...

Metropole adds another title to its Survival Guide series this November – this time, we tackle education in Austria. Here, an excerpt from the introduction.
casinos austria

The Casinos Austria Scandal Stains Everyone

Election campaigns for the National Assembly are in full swing, but the fallout continues for the far-right Freedom Party (FPÖ) and Novomatic. As Metropole covered last week, these are alleged to have...

Measles Keeps Rearing Its Ugly Head

Nearly twice as many cases were reported by mid-August as in all of 2019 – a quarter of which have resulted in hospitalization.

North Vienna Gets Its First Daytime Shelter for the Homeless

Nord_light in Vienna’s 22nd District will provide shelter, beds, food, laundry and showers – the first such offer north of the Donau.

The Return of Wolves and Bears in Austria

The reappearance of apex predators in the alps have some calling for a cull; but environmentalists decry the “scaremongering” and call for more electric fences.

Tough Times for Austria‘s Retail Sector

One in three Austrian retailers booked losses in 2017/2018, new research shows – as did every second book, jewelry and watch dealer. Still longer-term trends are positive.

Red Cross Sanguine in Blood Drive Dispute

The Austrian Red Cross has called for a law to be lifted that requires a medical doctor to be present at blood drives; the Medical Chamber disagrees