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Monday, October 22, 2018

Nicolas Kristen

Born and raised in Vienna, Nicolas studied journalism and is now trying to become a good writer and journalist.
war correspondents

What it Really Means to be a Journalist in a war Zone

Reporting from conflict zones is just as important as it is dangerous. Two women tell their stories. Barbara Schiavulli was in her room on the 13th floor at the Palestine Hotel in Iraq when she heard...
Cristina Garcia Rodero

Spanish Photographer Christina Garcia Rodero on View at Insituto Cervantes

Her unreleased masterpieces presented at new exhibition. One of Spain’s most renowned artists, Cristina Garcia Rodero approaches photography with an almost anthropological eye, from community festivals to Haitian voodoo rituals. A member of the prestigious...
erwin wurm carl spitzweg

Was Painter Carl Spitzweg the Erwin Wurm of the Biedermeier era?

A Leopold Museum exhibition juxtaposes the past and present with two artists famous for their satirical takes on everyday social norms. Somewhat obscure in his time, Carl Spitzweg is celebrated today as one of the great...
shen yun

Shen Yun’s Traditional Chinese Artistry Marked by Vivid Color and Breathtaking Choreography

Shen Yun: choreography, artistry, dance and color share the stage in this touring Chinese production Highly acrobatic, Shen Yun performs classic Chinese legends through dance and music, delighting audiences with scenes from ancient epics like...

Catch Some Silver Screen Secrets at the Let’s CEE Film Festival

European cinema’s poorly charted east has more than a few surprises up its sleeve at the Let's CEE Film Festival Committed to granting much-needed exposure to films from points east, Let’s CEE once again showcases the...
viennese entrepreneurs

Viennese Entrepreneurs

A closer look at leaving the rat race and striking out on your own For many Viennese, being your own boss is the dream of a lifetime. Yes, security matters, and steady employment is still...
Imagetanz Festival

Imagetanz Festival

Social criticism meets dance at Imagetanz, the annual experimental dance festival Exploring the symbolism and imagery of dance, the annual Imagetanz festival is still going strong after first taking the stage in 1989. In acknowledgement, this...