Philipp Rossmann

Philipp Josef Rossmann is Head of Sales and a columnist at METROPOLE who is is known for his loud style, loud shoes and loud cries for coffee. He moved to Vienna in pursuit of a more metropolitan life after finishing a Master's in English and American Studies in Graz, Austria.

Fashion | Strike a Pose, Strut Your Stuff

Fashion weeks worldwide provide plenty of inspiration for next year, with Vienna offering its own modest contribution.

High Time for High Fashion

Austrian designer Flora Miranda on her work, her expat life and her limited-edition watch for Rado.

Rent Out Your Home Without the Hassle

Traveling occasionally and leaving your empty home behind? Serviced home sharing is the way to put your empty home to good use, without having to do any of the work.

Pro & Con | March 2019

Open Store Policy Closing shops on Sunday is so 19th century Every time I welcome someone to Vienna and give them my list of recommendations, I always end by saying, “Oh, and remember that next to nothing is open on Sundays!” to which they often reply, “Really? Why?” I’ve often asked that same question myself […]
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