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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Roxanne Powell

Roxanne Powell is a Franco-British hybrid who moved to Vienna in 2006. She studied history, modern languages, linguistics and literature, before a Ph.D. in political science at the LSE. She was a regular contributor at The Vienna Review. Her interests include journalism, poetry, fiction, music, dance, the Alpine outdoors, science, slow food, the arts, architecture and fashion.

Science | From Slaughterhouse to Lighthouse

Biomedical research in Vienna is revealing the secrets of life, as two research institutes make breakthroughs in cancer treatment The announcement came in April, with the publication of a cutting-edge biomedical application of a technology...
emotion nostalgia

The Science is in and Nostalgia is Actually Good for You

Science is coming to grips with a complex emotion that was once dismissed as sentimental or downright pathological. It was a way to survive: “We used our memories to temporarily alter our perception of the...

Channel your Inner Country Bumpkin in the Vienna Woods

Vienna’s famed forest brings the pleasures of the wild within reach “Blimey!” exclaimed Iain, a seasoned hill runner from Scotland. “Incredible that there are such steep hills so close to Vienna,” he said as we...
International research institutions in Vienna

16 hives for international research bees in Vienna

A newcomer’s guide to some interesting research institutions in and around Vienna The approximately 1,500 research organizations in Vienna come in all shapes and sizes. Half of them are businesses and nine are universities where,...
On Tyranny

Books | On Tyranny, by Timothy Snyder, is the Resistance Manual for our Times

Timothy Snyder’s On Tyranny is a call to action, demystifying the assaults on contemporary democracy through the lessons of history. Putin, Orbán, Brexit, Trump: Recent world events have made many feel helpless, confused, despondent. An answer:...
Edith tudor hart

Code Name: Edith ‘Grandmother’ of the Cambridge Five

Edith Tudor-Hart photographed poverty, society and children in Vienna and the U.K. and also helped launch Britain’s most notorious ring of spies for the Soviet Union 22 December 1942. A memo crossed the desk of the Soviet...
vienna science research

Vienna, a Scientist’s Paradise

The city that brought forth Wittgenstein, Freud and Schrödinger, Vienna is again a hotbed of ideas and scientific research When refugee scientists Paul E. Lazarsfeld (sociologist at Columbia University) and Oskar Morgenstern (economist at Princeton)...

Down to the Wire

Alexander Van der Bellen becomes Austria’s New President Austria has elected a new, Europe-loving president, Alexander Van der Bellen, a university economics professor and the Vienna-born son of refugees, who ran as an independent in...
Crystalline Mirror Solutions

Science & Technology: Einstein, Lasers And Supermirrors

In the Austrian success story of gravitational waves, detecting something tiny can be a huge leap forward On February 11, 2016, the last of Albert Einstein’s scientific predictions was officially confirmed. Now, a hundred years after...