Ramya Iyer

Ramya Iyer is a masters graduate in International Journalism with a specialization in documentary films from Cardiff University, UK. After a stint at an ad and short film production company in Bangalore, India, where she was born and raised, she is now a freelance writer and content creator based in Vienna. She has published articles in reputed news outlets including The Times of India and ZDF. In her free time, she dabbles with poetry, Indian classical dance and scouts Instagram for funky earrings. She tweets at @pseudobard.

Legacy In Green

Michaela Rathbauer comes to work at 7 in the morning. First, she delegates the tasks for the day to the gardeners working under her,ensures they wear protective gear and thenstarts her day’s work. With the nip in the air fading, she is already planning for spring. Ashead gardener of the Hofburg Gardens, she is justifiably […]
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Business | The Past as Future

For many music students from around the world, Vienna is the place to be. They honor the traditions of the past and invent new ones In Japan, Vienna is the Ongaku no Miyako , “the capital of music,...