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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Rainer Nowak

Since 2012 Editor in Chief and since 2014 Publisher of the Austrian daily Die Presse. He grew up in Vienna’s 9th district and has received several journalism prizes throughout his career.

Expat’s Voice | Kurz and Austria Rising

The Austrian chancellor as a mixture of Hitler and Mozart on the cover of Newsweek. Please relax! Leni Riefenstahl, the director and scriptwriter of Nazi art and moviemaking, must have been hired as picture editor at...

Expat’s Voice | The Future is Female

Three women now head the parties of the opposition. A small revolution for Austria Sometimes reality overtakes prophecy. Christian Kern was quicker with his resignation than was predicted in this column in the last issue...

(No) Pity for Christian Kern

Why the SPÖ leader rides his bike, has some enemies and is not to be envied. Let’s call it a really bad losing streak, not a personal failure. The SPÖ leader and Chancellor Christian Kern,...

The Sebastian Kurz Show

They love him or they hate him: Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is more notorious across Europe than most of his predecessors. Now he is taking over the EU presidency. This will be interesting. Austrian Chancellor...

Expat’s Voice: Hipster Politics and the Reds Up in Arms

Why Vienna's city government has completely reorganized itself and what it has to do with the FPÖ, expats and international managers It is an interesting but characteristic phenomenon. The government of red Vienna – once...