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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Robert Tunn

indoor skydiving vienna

Brace yourself for Vienna’s Indoor Skydiving

Windobona offers indoor skydiving as a first step into the great blue yonder I’ve never been an adrenaline junkie, preferring to leave extreme sports to manic, over-caffeinated types. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane...
john waters show performance

John Waters Attacks our Decency Live at the Gartenbaukino This September

Cinematic legend John Waters continues his crusade against the tyranny of good taste Since his seminal releases in the 1970s, John Waters has amassed a litany of dubious monikers: The Pope of Trash, The Sultan...
waves festival music

Overdose on Indie Rock, Hip Hop and EDM at Waves Festival

The international showcase festival and conference presents indie rock and club culture in all its glory Presenting the city’s clubscape alongside the finest up-and-coming artists, the Waves Festival rides abreast of hidden musical currents, powering...
art exhibition vienna albertina

Rediscovering Raphael: The Italian Master Returns to the Albertina

A new show on the Renaissance polymath demonstrates the creative process of a genius Mentioned in the same breath as Leonardo and Michelangelo, Raphael is a veritable titan whose immense ability as an artist, draughtsman...
film britain monarch queen victoria

Victoria & Abdul Shows the Human Side of the Crown

The human side of Britain’s monarch is shown in a softer light No stranger to royals, after humanizing Queen Elisabeth II in the critically-acclaimed The Queen, director Stephen Frears returns to matters of court to...
buskers festival karlsplatz vienna

Join World-Class Street Artists on Karlsplatz at the Buskers Festival on the Second Weekend...

The Buskers Festival enlivens Karlsplatz with world-class performers Since time immemorial, humanity has been fascinated with unusual feats of derring- do, turning to jugglers, jesters, jackanapes and troubadours for amusement. Their modern successors, street artists,...
The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower

Stephen King’s post apocalyptic octalogy, abridged by Hollywood With its eight installments selling millions, it was only a matter of time until prolific writer Stephen King’s The Dark Tower would be singled out for the...