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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Simon Ballam

English, studied in NY and worked in London, Düsseldorf, NY, Fankfurt, Prague and Vienna. This covered stints in market research and the film industry, international advertising coordination and strategic planning. Currently business school lecturer and journalist.

The Architecture of Empire

Across the sprawling Habsburg monarchy, castles and courtyards, opera houses and onion domes projected their power and today the heritage of a shared culture All great empires leave an architectural footprint. It’s a portrait of...

A Golden Age for Gentle Radicals: Josef Hoffmann & Koloman Moser

The cruelest punishment imaginable,” said the Viennese modernist architect Adolf Loos, “would be to be locked up in a prison cell decorated by Josef Hoffmann.” Contemporaries though they were, the two design legends were at...

500+ Wines in 3 Days: What to Expect at this June’s VieVinum

This year’s VieVinum showcases the best of Austria and introduces little known Swiss and Dalmatian wines at the Hofburg from June 9 to 11. Wine fairs are like gallery openings, clusters of trendy urbanites chatting at...

A Charming Tour of Krems: Wine, Music & Art

Still surrounded by vineyards, the twin cities of Krems and Stein are also spiced with highly acidic caricature. Sleepy little town on the softly rolling Danube – or hotbed of political intrigue and architectural pillage?...

Special Report | Of Officers and Lesser Mortals

For centuries, Austria’s military was the structure that held a sprawling collection of multi-ethnic territories together, perhaps a European Union before its time. It was 1315 and a crispy cold November day in the rugged...

Great Expectations: Gols’ Finest Vintners Praise the Weather Gods

The Viennese love their white wines young and fresh. Winemakers in Gols would prefer to wait. Farmers the world over complain about the weather – too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry. Wine growers...
austrian red wines

Austrian Red Wines are Finally Coming of Age

Austrian reds have struggled to catch up with their magnificent white cousins, but the best are now coming of age. Historically, Austria has always been white wine territory, that freshly drawn carafe of iconic Grüner...

Klimt in Virtual Reality: See Frederick Baker’s Klimt’s Magic Garden at the MAK

Frederick Baker’s tour de force Klimt’s Magic Garden premiers a work and a technology. This is not the Klimt that launched a thousand place mats and filled the bottomless shelves of souvenir shops ... This...
brexit errors

Brexit: A Lose-Lose in the Year to Come

Britain’s stumbling progress toward leaving the European Union is a case study in political mismanagement. With a year to go, it will most likely be a lose-lose for all concerned. As so often with disasters,...