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Monday, October 15, 2018

Simon Ballam

English, studied in NY and worked in London, Düsseldorf, NY, Fankfurt, Prague and Vienna. This covered stints in market research and the film industry, international advertising coordination and strategic planning. Currently business school lecturer and journalist.
Vienna Energy Forum

Where the Vienna Energy Forum Sees us in 2030

Here’s the challenge: First, eradicate poverty by getting over 90 percent of the world connected to electricity. Second, save enough energy to keep global warming below 2 degrees. And get both done by 2030. How...

Opinion | Realpolitik or a Dance with the Devil? Engaging with the FPÖ in...

The dangerous dance with Kern, Kurz and Strache The image alone must have sent a shiver through the souls of decent chardonnay socialists, to see their chieftain consorting with the Klassenfeind (archenemy). Yet in July 2016...

Obituary | Fond Memories of the Wafer Maker, Carl Manner

Even the color is iconic: “Pantone rose” is a registered trademark for Austria’s signature snack – Manner Schnitten, the pink block of hazelnut cream wafers on the country’s candy shelves, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s legendary...
kosher wine

On The Vine | More Wine? Don’t Schwitz, it’s Totally Kosher

After eons, kosher wine finally matures Wine in the Levante may date back to pre-biblical times, but until recently, Israel was not producing much you would actually want to drink. Journalist William Echikson writing in...
Michael Häupl

Special Report | Michael Häupl’s Fall From Grace

Vienna’s eternal mayor Michael Häupl is under mounting pressure to step down. And the squeeze is coming from within his own party The basic chronology is easily told, an everyday drama of dinosaurs, foxes and...
Fischrestaurant Kaj

Dining on Dragon’s Head: The Secrets of Fischrestaurant Kaj

The “golden” cook of Fischrestaurant Kaj transforms the fresh catch from the Adriatic. “Sometimes life just writes its own script,” Miro Sapič told us laconically. He and Zlata started their fish restaurant in the 2nd...
kirche am steinhof

Design for Chaos: Otto Wagner’s Steinhof – Controversial Then and now

Steinhof is a Wiener Melange of health and history and now the city adds housing to the mix. For centuries, to be considered mad was a life sentence of degradation and worse. As fairy tales tell...
Gasthaus zum Sieg

Tastes Like Victory – Gasthaus zum Sieg

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Biedermeier Glass exhibition

Everything you Wanted to Know About Biedermeier Glass but Were Afraid to ask

Glasses from the Empire and Biedermeier Period documents a rising middle class and its search for its own aesthetic There’s nothing new about conspicuous consumption - Imperial Vienna understood very well how to sweeten everyday...