Simon Ballam

English, studied in NY and worked in London, DĂĽsseldorf, NY, Fankfurt, Prague and Vienna. This covered stints in market research and the film industry, international advertising coordination and strategic planning. Currently business school lecturer and journalist.

On the Vine | Winter Work

Cellar, field and desk; March is a busy  time of year for winemakers The cliché of cute country girls and boys, skirts and sleeves rolled up as they tread the grapes, may have finally been cons...
Austrian politics

Opinion | Austrian Idol?

Amid the erosion of the political center, little Austria may be the unlikely champion to stem the surge of the far right If there is anything worse than the deluge of daily disaster stories, it i...
Kurz takes over the OSCE

Eyewitness: Kurz Takes Over the OSCE

As chairmanship revolves to Austria, we listened to what Foreign Minister Kurz sees as the biggest challenges I arrived unreasonably early on a crisp, sunny day mid-January at the Hofburg’s modes...
Film Stills

Film Stills: Magical Moments

Film stills as drama suspended, art as advertisement: Even if you’ve never seen the movie, chances are you know the image They are the indelible visuals of the 20th century; they overshadow even ...
The Third Man

A Spymaster’s Vienna – On the Trail of The Third Man

Graham Greene’s The Third Man: An iconic portrait of gloom and corruption in Austria’s postwar capital Great cities have their architectural icons, the Eiffel Tower presiding over the City of Lig...
vineyard in the city

On the Vine | Dollhouse Vintage – Urban Vineyard

Vienna’s smallest working vineyard is in the heart of the city We all know the PR photo stunts: a portly man in a serious business suit performing the unlikely task of shovelling earth, “breaking...

Bacchus Meets Disney

For better or worse, the Langenlois Loisium is a theme park for the thirsty After driving up the hill through a seemingly endless colony of chic designer houses, we arrived at an ominous cement-cla...

The Day After: Outs Win

This is a sad morning for Britain and unfathomable for Europe. The morning after Brexit, the headlines make grim reading: “Pound sterling crashes to 1985 low”, “World stocks in free fall,” “The rage of the working class,” “Cameron resigns,” “Scotland must hold a new referendum.”  And Donald Trump touched down on his Scottish golf course […]
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Op-Ed: Man Without a Country

Breaking its election promises, a Tory government has left expat Britons out in the cold Disenfranchisement is an ugly word. As a UK citizen without a vote in my own country, I feel cheated. I’m a fully paid-up, urban middle class British liberal, tolerant and open-minded, slightly under-done pink in the middle. I even have […]
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