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Friday, December 15, 2017

Lana Sharp

Lana Sharp is a contributor and jill-of-all-trades, who has been living in vienna for the past 8 years. She works as a stylist and writes Haikus on Instagram @goodmorninghuman. She has a one-eyed Persian rescue cat.
Yoga Vienna

Sports | Yoga in Vienna Could be Just the Thing to Cure Your Winter...

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wedding vienna

How to get Married in Vienna

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keep pet vienna

How to Keep a pet in Vienna

Not without my pets! Vienna offers pet lovers everything a furry, scaled or feathered companion needs The one-eyed Persian cat Guinevere is a former international traveler now living out her golden years in one of...
how to viennese design art

How To Enhance Your Life with Viennese Design

You don’t need to be an artist’s muse to live like Alma Mahler. Vienna is bustling with design pieces that can turn your flat into a stylish Gesamtkunstwerk Your tranquil urban island has seen better...
Alte Donau

Grätzl | The Alte Donau is the Spot for Cooling off Within the City...

Peppered with silver and black poplar trees casting welcome shadows, the shores of the Alte Donau (Old Danube) make it easy to forget that you’re only a few subway stops away from the 1st...
urban zen

How to Relax in Urban Vienna

Finding ways to take it easy in the city bustle can give you new strength in health and spirit It’s Monday; you wake up to a leak in your kitchen and a panicked email from your...
St. Ulrich

Grätzl | Exploring Vienna’s St. Ulrich Neighborhood in the Hipster 7th District

St. Ulrich: Cradle of Cool Out of all the neighborhoods of the hip 7th district, St. Ulrich stands apart. A hub of local and expat intellectuals, creatives, and young entrepreneurs, the area wedged between Burggasse and...
Vulgar Fashion

Vulgar Fashion

The Belvedere’s Winterpalais takes a walk on fashion’s exquisite ugly side exploring vulgar fashion Plunging necklines, exposed straps, emblazoned logos: vulgarity is beauty’s tacky cousin. But what is vulgarity exactly – and who decides? Adam...

Scenes: No Costume, No Candy

Some holiday traditions are lost in translation Stuck in the polyester tights of my questionably short Marie Antoinette costume, I contemplated if I had finally outgrown Halloween. My partner-in-crime, a very handsome skeletal gentleman, waited...