Sophie Spiegelberger

Born in New York, raised in Moscow, Sophie now lives in Vienna where she is completing her studies in Political Science. She has worked in political risk analysis, photographed for Forbes and is now a visual communications strategist for a congressional campaign and Democrats Abroad Austria.
casinos austria scandal

Casinos Austria Scandal | Strache’s Text Messages Leaked   

New digital evidence strengthens the case against the former vice chancellor and other top-ranking politicians in the Casinos Austria corruption scandal.

Ikea Is Coming to Town 

The furniture retailer is opening its first location near Vienna’s center. 
Winter Schanigarten

The Winter Schanigarten Boom 

Vienna’s restaurants are desperate for outdoor seating after the smoking ban.
The Irishman

The Irishman | Gangster’s Elegy

Martin Scorsese’s latest film revisits old ground from a new perspective.