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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Susanne Gottlieb

loving vincent movie

Loving Vincent Will Start Showing at the Votiv Kino December 29th

Loving Vincent recreates van Gogh’s artwork in animated oil paintingsIf painters express themselves through their art, biographers are at a disadvantage: they may capture the person, but their message might prove harder. Unless, of...
unesco world heritage

Special Report | Urban Planning Threatens Vienna’s UNESCO Status

Cities bask in UNESCO world heritage status. But what happens if it conflicts with modern city planning?When Vienna’s Historic Center was officially added to the list of World Heritage Sites in December 2001, mayor...
nathan with strings

Nathan the Wise – Playing at the Volkstheater – Puts Compassion First

Nikolaus Habjan shines a light on religious fundamentalism in Nathan der Weise.With refugees reaching Europe in record numbers, it often seems that the humanistic approach is under fire. Yet strife in the Middle East...
austrian american film

How Austrian and American Film Influenced Each Other to Make Experimental Films That Changed...

Bruce Jenkins, professor of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Alexander Horwath, Director of the Vienna Film Museum discuss the Austro-American avant-gardeA ballet dancer in the woods lifts his leg with...