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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Tamara Radak


Opinion | When Art, Students and Politics mix, the Universities Need to Recognize their...

Art & Politics at the Angewandte Austrian art and politics have always been entangled in an interdependent, uneasy relationship – often the more uneasy the better, as far as the quality is concerned. And...
Irony Perloff

Books | Marjorie Perloff Looks Back at Austrian Literature’s Nostalgia for the Imperial Past

The 1920s in Vienna was a time of despair and confusion in a world of lost empire, political upheaval and the trauma of war. Despite the progressive politics for the working class, cultural critic Marjorie...
Stefan Zweig

Books | No Direction Home

The story of Stefan Zweig’s exile years is compellingly told in George Prochnik’s literary biography In spite of his fame, Austrian novelist Stefan Zweig was never comfortable with his public role. At a New York...