Tristan Bath

Tristan moved to Vienna in 2015, and works as a freelance journalist, radio presenter, and online advertising consultant. He studied media in London, and also makes music, often composing scores for theatre productions. Takes tea with milk and no sugar.

ZWE Keeps Jazz Alive with an Intimate Atmosphere and an Approachable Attitude

Adored by local musicians and always welcoming, ZWE keeps local jazz alive. The “city of music” may be best known for classical fare, but unsurprising for the birth place of all-time great Joe ...
Music Traveler

As Musicians Traverse the Globe, the new Startup Music Traveler Helps Them do it...

A new startup called Music Traveler – like an Airbnb for musicians – helps music professionals find space to practice while they’re on the road. It all began when everything went wrong: Vienna-based violinist Aleksey Igudesman was planning a badly needed holiday. But there was a complication. His then-partner, a professional pianist, would need somewhere […]
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terry and gyan riley

Piano Legend Terry Riley and his Guitarist son Gyan Take the Stage at Porgy ...

Seminal composer-pianist Terry Riley and his virtuoso guitarist son Gyan pair up for a rare intimate performance Often mentioned along with contemporaries Steve Reich, La Monte Young or Philip Gl...
Anoka Faruqee

Anoka Faruqee’s art Seems to Capture Time Itself at the Vienna Secession

Faruqee’s pulsating compositions make their solo debut in Europe Most revolutions turn stuffy with time. But the Secession certainly tries to cultivate its reputation for unconventional contempor...
Richard Galliano and Ron Carter

Don’t Miss Ron Carter & Richard Galliano at the Konzerthaus

Jazz greats Ron Carter & Richard Galliano team up for a rare live performance Turning 80 this year, bass man Ron Carter has few peers left standing from jazz’s mid-20th century second golden age. His staggering number of collaborations has earned him a Guinness World Record as Most Recorded Jazz Bassist, boasting over 2,200 individual […]
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city life

Beltway Insiders

The Gürtel is a hot spot for live music with no neighbors. On any given Saturday night,  this stretch of pavement flanked by busy roads under the U6 line is packed with revelers. Beneath the bric...

Viennale – the New, the Old and the Remade

The international film festival beckons with new films from celebrated auteurs, international gems, intriguing documentaries and Christopher Walken. As the carefree warmth of summer gives way t...

On Music: Summers of Love and Music – Festivals

The nearby open air festivals will keep you busy while Vienna is on vacation Bathed in sunshine, white wine and world-class entertainment, the Austrian summer is practically tailor-made for the post-Woodstock era’s favorite pastime: the festival. Beyond the legendary Salzburger Festspiele (July 22–Aug 31, see On The Road), the country’s love for music old and […]
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On Display: Heritage Twice Removed

Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei explores the meaning of migration at Vienna’s 21er Haus Ai Weiwei is thrilled by the possibilities of his time: “In human history, there’s never been a moment like this,” the Chinese dissident artist and filmmaker said in a recent interview. It’s been an optimism hard won. After his arrest in […]
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