Werner Garstenauer

Robert Menasse The Capital

Europe’s Essence

Robert Menasse’s award-winning The Capital is a dark but affectionate satire on the European idea.Robert Menasse has long been preoccupied with the implications of historical crisis for social coh...
The old King in his Exile, Arno Geiger

Reunited in Language

Arno Geiger’s playful and moving memoir “The Old King in his Exile” discovers a world of imagination in his father’s dementia. There are probably few things that touch us more fundamentally than the loss of a parent. Through the creeping loss of Alzheimer’s, family members face immense, often unbearable, challenges. Shocking vulnerability becomes strangely intertwined […]
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book review angel of oblivion

“Angel of Oblivion” by Maja Haderlap | A History of Violent Persecut...

Maja Haderlap’s debut novel Angel of Oblivion confronts the past in Austria’s borderlands. Austrian writer Maja Haderlap is a farmer’s daughter from Bad Eisenkappel, in Carinthia, Austria’s southernmost province. This bi-lingual borderland has been the scene of cultural mini-wars, but over time, a shared sense of enrichment has prevailed on both sides. Straddling these worlds, […]
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A Whole Life by Robert Seethaler

A Whole Life by Robert Seethaler is a Sparse but Stirring Narrative of Alpine Li...

Andreas Egger lives a life bordering on the vegetative, both figuratively and literally: His dwelling is high above the valley, at the tree line; and his days are mostly passed in wordless labor. Unlike Seethaler’s earlier heroes of marginalized life – each of whom had his own Grand Tour – the protagonist of A Whole […]
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grand hotel

Books | Vicki Baum’s Grand Hotel

Vicki Baum’s classic international bestseller Grand Hotel: a lucid, affectionate depiction of a society in crisis The Vienna-born novelist Vicki Baum made history with her novel Grand Hotel, publishe...
sigmund freud

In “The Tobacconist” Author Robert Seethaler has Freud Swapping Psyc...

The Tobacconist, a bestselling novel by the award-winning Viennese writer Robert Seethaler, tackles coming of age on the eve of war and shows a sentimental side of Freud.Robert Seethaler didn’...
Idyll with Drowning Dog and Madalyn

Books | Austrian Novelist Michael Köhlmeier Grapples with his Daughter’s D...

Austrian Michael Köhlmeier’s reinvention of the novel with Idyll with Drowning Dog and MadalynMichael Köhlmeier is a man of his times. One of the most respected writers of his generation in Aust...