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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Werner Garstenauer

whole life

Books | Robert Seethaler’s A Whole Life is a Sparse but Stirring Narrative of...

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grand hotel

Books | Vicki Baum’s Grand Hotel

Vicki Baum’s classic international bestseller Grand Hotel: a lucid, affectionate depiction of a society in crisis The Vienna-born novelist Vicki Baum made history with her novel Grand Hotel, published under the title Menschen im Hotel...
sigmund freud

Books | In “The Tobacconist” Author Robert Seethaler has Freud Swapping Psychotherapy for a...

Award-winning Viennese writer Robert Seethaler's bestselling novel, The Tobacconist, tackles coming of age on the eve of war and shows a sentimental side of Freud.Robert Seethaler didn’t plan to become a novelist. An established...
Idyll with Drowning Dog and Madalyn

Books | Austrian Novelist Michael Köhlmeier Grapples with his Daughter’s Death

Austrian Michael Köhlmeier’s reinvention of the novel with Idyll with Drowning Dog and MadalynMichael Köhlmeier is a man of his times. One of the most respected writers of his generation in Austria, Köhlmeier is...