This celebrity chef from Israel has opened another of his Miznon civilized street food restaurants in Vienna


“It’s the entire world on the plate,” gushes Israeli chef Eyal Shani, serving his guests in his newly opened street food restaurant, Miznon, on Schulerstraße in central Vienna. In sharing his recipe for one of his renowned pitas, you can now bring the taste of this personal universe home.

Listening to Eyal Shani talk about food is both a ripping yarn and an insight into a unique culinary world view. Wheat is not just cereal, it stands for the sun and cosmic rays. With fish, you can taste the depth of the ocean, the storm, the darkness of the water. And the tomato, with salt on it as a binary code, is essentially the whole of creation in one fruit.

With this attention to minute details, Shani has in recent years become an ambassador for Israeli food around the world. “Only the best ingredients,” he insists, which he transforms into little wonders in nine restaurants in Israel and across Europe.

“The field is like a jewelry case“, he says enthusiastically “Look at all the tomatoes growing there, green, yellow, violet, red!” And indeed, who wouldn’t want to eat a pita with such gems in it?


© Lisa Leutner_3N0A3401THE RECIPE
Roasted Cauliflower (Miznon’s specialty)



Cauliflower medium size (average weight 500 g)

Water, Salt (ratio of 10 g per liter of water)

10 ml olive oil

2 g of salt


Cut the cauliflower across the base but make sure to keep its green leaves. Put into the boiling water and cook for about seven minutes. The cauliflower will be ready when it bends when shaken but is still a little hard.

Remove, drain thoroughly and place in a baking dish. Allow the cauliflower a little time to cool and then anoint it with olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and place in an oven at 250 degrees. When the cauliflower is golden-brown and looks beautiful, it is ready.

Serve warm, with a drizzle of olive oil and a little salt.

Be sure the cooking time is just right: overcooked cauliflower will fall apart in the oven and be soft and pulpy. If the cauliflower is under-cooked, it will have a hard texture and be unpleasant to eat.
One of the tastiest parts are the cauliflower’s greens! So it is important to maintain a good portion
of the leaves. The cauliflower also looks more attractive when served that way. Empty the water out of the baking dish before putting it in the oven.

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