Equip Yourself for Your Next Journey with These hot Brands | July/August 2017

Whether you’re capturing your adventures by camera or drone, or canceling out the noise with some rich tunes, these toys put the “rave” in travel .



DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones has launched the DJI Spark, an easy-to-use mini camera drone DJI, SENNHEISER, PANASONICthat lifts off from the palm of your hand. The Spark is made for frequent travelers and users will find everything looks much more epic from a bird’s eye view. It is controlled by hand gestures alone, fits easily in almost any bag and weighs
300 grams – less than a can of soda. The company that started out with the now famous Phantom drone has moved to high-end cameras that fit on handheld gimbals like the Osmo for the aspiring moviemaker or on professional camera rigs like the Ronin for professional movie teams. DJI consistently pushes the boundaries of what is possible and still provides quality products. You wonder how those Instagramers got the amazing landscape shot of the Azores? It was probably a drone, and very likely made by DJI.



PXC550 Wireless

Back in 1968 when Sennheiser invented the world’s first open headphone, Fritz Sennheiser had a vision to produce high-quality audio equipment on a massive scale for professionals and private users alike, an ideology the company maintains to this day. The company received the Philo T. FarnsworDJI, SENNHEISER, PANASONICth award during the Emmys in 2013 for their significant contribution to television and broadcast engineering. They have now released the PXC550 – a wireless, noise canceling set of travel headphones. With 30 hours of battery life, you could fly around the world and listen to music the whole time. An intuitive control pad is integrated into the ear cups, letting you control everything from volume to taking a call. Become the master of your auditory senses and decide for yourself what sounds you want to let in.





Panasonic was founded in 1918 in Japan and has become one of the largest electronics producers in the world and it all started with bicycle lamps. After WWII the company started selling raDJI, SENNHEISER, PANASONICdios and appliances as well as bicycles. From there it was a rollercoaster ride of innovation that has now reached an investment in Tesla’s Gigafactories and indoor agriculture facilities in Singapore using Panasonic’s own technology. Their newest addition in the compact camera sector – the Lumix DC TZ 101 – is a fantastic little travel companion that captures 4k photos and video, has a 10x optical zoom and post focus simulation. Beloved by consumers and critics, it could be your next snapshot camera to capture your summer adventure.




Ali Rabbani
Creative director and stylist for film and print. He studied fashion in Vienna and has worked all over the world in styling, set and food design, as well as art direction for advertising and fashion shoots, videos and shows. See his work @iamrabbani

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