If you are a British expat living abroad, this is the last week to register to vote if you plan to vote by postal ballot in the June 23rd “Brexit” referendum.


European Movement U.K. has launched ‘Register2Stay,’ a website providing critical information for expats living in other EU countries.

Though the final registration deadline is June 7, European Movement recommends registering by May 16 at the latest if you plan to vote by postal ballot.

British citizens living overseas can vote in the referendum if they have been abroad less than fifteen years. Expats can register online.

As domestic polling remains evenly split, British expats could certainly make an impact on the final tally.

There are many reasons why this referendum is especially important for expats. If Brits lose their EU citizenship, their right to work, study or even reside on the continent, as well as their social insurance benefits, may be jeopardized.

There are around two million U.K. citizens in other EU countries, though not all are officially registered.

Laura Sandys, Chair of the European Movement, says “I urge expats to register before it is too late. If you live abroad, you can still vote. Get involved and help keep Britain in Europe.”


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