Oh Christoph Waltz, making Austria so proud.

His bemused grin makes us love him even more, even when we know he’s taking the piss, we kind of want to buy whatever he’s holding in his hand.

Like the Galaxy Note7, even if it might blow up on you, Waltz makes it seem like it’s worth the risk.



This fall he’s moved on to champagne. On September 29th, Bloomberg came out with Waltz’ Five Rules for Drinking Champagne, where he says champagne isn’t just for parties, but also the more serious moments in life, “it’s not necessarily just joy and happiness—it can be somber and a little weighty, too, but still worth marking with a bottle of Champagne.” He must be winking to all of us over here in Vienna, where a little morbidity goes a long way to keep the Viennese contently grumpy.

His 30 second ad for Dom Pérignon says nothing at all, but the bond villain’s face is worth 1,000 words.



Feature Image Courtesy of fychristophwaltz.tumblr.com