Californian Alt Rockers Incubus Are Finally Back in Vienna

After a six-year hiatus, the Californian alt rockers are finally back on tour

Once labeled as “a nu-metal band for people who don’t like nu-metal bands,” by the Chicago Tribune, the Californian band Incubus has been a critical favorite almost since its foundation in 1991, thrilling audiences with energetic, rough performances and an idiosyncratic style that defies classification, including elements lifted from funk, grunge, rock, hip hop, trip hop and metal.

Following their third album, Make Yourself, their music shifted toward a more accessible alternative rock sound, gaining them multiplatinum sales; now, after a break that lasted over six years, they are on tour with their eighth studio album – straightforwardly named 8. The result of a collaboration with electro- and dubstep producer Skrillex, whose influence is undeniable. Some of the new tracks are reminiscent of Incubus’ earlier work while others are far more experimental, with the only constant lead singer Brandon Boyd’s unique, multitimbred voice adding emotion to the driving instrumentals.

Aug 29, 20:00, Arena. 3., Baumgasse 80,

Johannes Arends
Johannes was born and raised in Austria by an Italian mother and a German father. Soccer, politics and video games are his life essence - in that order. He spent a semester abroad in Barcelona and is currently finishing his studies of Journalism and Media Management at the University of Applied Sciences FH WKW in Vienna.

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