As part of its big move from Budapest to Vienna, the Central European University is set to host its first Open Day for interested students on Friday, November 22. Following a multimillion-euro refurbishment, CEU will unveil its shiny new six-story, 1...
Japan is not only home to countless cultural treasures, it has also figured out the secret to an excellent quality of life for both its citizens and millions of visitors from all over the world. It's time to pay this fascinating place a visit, and All Nippon Airways is making it easier than ever.
Vienna view from the top
Buying real estate can be a daunting task – especially if you’ve just relocated from another country. Not only is it a major financial commitment, it will affect your and your family’s quality of life for years to come.
Is your business struggling to grow its website traffic, outreach or social media audience? A new digital marketing agency provides a holistic approach.
Vienna is home to one of the biggest Feldenkrais spaces in Europe, with a dedicated multilingual team working under the guidance of Educational Director Donna Ray from California.
Tesla Model 3 Alpbach
Living in Austria, you learn that Alpine vistas can be gorgeous from the train, but due to all the tunnels, sometimes it can also mean you miss some of the most impressive views that are easier to see from the road or certainly when hiking. Every yea...
marketa x Metropole x Metropolitans
In August, METROPOLE is partnering with Viennese startup markta to offer our new subscribers a special opportunity to try out local Austrian farmers’ products for free.
Dr. Christiane Falkner-Radler
At her medical practice in Vienna’s 9th District, Associate Professor Dr. Christiane Falkner-Radler is always happy to see new people.
In the ornate Palais Todesco, right across from the Vienna State Opera, Gerstner hosts a Viennese Sunday brunch that will wow visitors and locals alike.Guests enjoy a choice selection of Viennese cuisine surrounded by gilded moldings and histor...