Make MILESTONE the Home Base for Your Next Adventure and Win

Why limit yourself to feeling at home in just one place? MILESTONE gives you the chance to spend up to two weeks a year in another city. Whether it’s a city trip to Rotterdam or Graz or a beach holiday in Carcavelos, you get to choose your next adventure.

Fintech at Vienna UP’21: A Tale of Virtual Coins and Unicorns

Austria's fintech sector has recorded exponential growth in the last five years, with new startups seemingly popping up every month. These fresh and innovative companies are rapidly becoming an integral part of the financial system.

Biotech and Medtech at Vienna UP’21: Innovation That Saves Lives

Vienna is becoming an international hub for the health and life science industry, which generates €3.4 billion in revenue. At Vienna UP'21, meet the biotech and medtech players whose innovations save lives and transform public health

Creative Industries at Vienna UP’21: Where Art Meets Business

The creative industries are a leverage for the whole economy, making Austria’s creatives a competitive force on a global scale. At the innovation festival, Vienna UP'21, the sector and the people in it are front and center

How the OPEC Fund Helps Where the World Needs It Most

The OPEC Fund for International Development (the OPEC Fund) finances development projects in low- and middle-income countries and is currently expanding its team in Vienna.

AD | Vienna’s Best New Supermarket at Your Fingertips – Makes Stocking Your Pantry Easier...

Even before the pandemic, purchasing groceries and household items online was becoming increasingly popular. Why schlep heavy bags when you can have them conveniently dropped off at your door?

AD: Bring a Piece of London Into Your Home

Few things are as clearly identifiable with the British capital as the iconic red phone booth. Now you can bring a piece of London flair into your home – or more specifically, your kitchen!

AD | Live, Work and Play with Like-Minded People at The Student Hotel

If you're looking for a new place, take this chance of a lifetime and move into The Student Hotel and flourish in a vibrant, like-minded environment.

Special Chairman Scholarships for Talented Musicians | AMADEUS International School Gives Back

AMADEUS International School Vienna would like to give something back to the world in this crazy situation, and is now offering two full scholarships to highly talented musicians and strong academics who are entering Grade 10 or 11.

Tailored for Expats, This Is Banking Reimagined

The online bank bunq lets you open an account within minutes, no matter where you’re from or how long you’ve been in Austria. The self-proclaimed “Bank of the Free” is entirely independent and committed to making this process as easy as can be – no branch visits, long lines or paperwork required.

Give Your Friend a Key to the City

Give your friends and loved ones a METROPOLE subscription and we will let them know about their gift with a postcard sent straight to their mailbox.

Central European University (CEU) – U.S. Degree in Vienna

Austria's newest premier university, Central European University (CEU) is already an integral part of Vienna's academic community, settling in nicely ...

The World’s Most Livable Vacation

Japan is not only home to countless cultural treasures, it has also figured out the secret to an excellent quality of life for both its citizens and millions of visitors from all over the world. It's time to pay this fascinating place a visit, and All Nippon Airways is making it easier than ever.

Nine Tips for Buying Property in Vienna

Buying real estate can be a daunting task – especially if you’ve just relocated from another country. Not only is it a major financial commitment, it will affect your and your family’s quality of life for years to come.

Digital Marketing ⎜Watch Your Business Grow

Is your business struggling to grow its website traffic, outreach or social media audience? A new digital marketing agency provides a holistic approach.

Feldenkrais | Stay in Good Health, Learn Something New

Vienna is home to one of the biggest Feldenkrais spaces in Europe, with a dedicated multilingual team working under the guidance of Educational Director Donna Ray from California.

Emission-Free to Alpbach

Living in Austria, you learn that Alpine vistas can be gorgeous from the train, but due to all the tunnels, sometimes it can also mean you miss some o...

August Special for New Metropolitans

In August, METROPOLE is partnering with Viennese startup markta to offer our new subscribers a special opportunity to try out local Austrian farmers’ products for free.

Brunching like its 1847: Enjoy the Finest Foods in the Historic Palais Todesco

In the ornate Palais Todesco, right across from the Vienna State Opera, Gerstner hosts a Viennese Sunday brunch that will wow visitors and locals alik...