No Omicron parties, please

Many people ask me whether they should intentionally get COVID-19’s Omicron variant and just get it over with. Their reasoning - it’s spreading like ...

Latest on Omicron: Europe Facing Rising Infection Rates in Most Countries

Metropole brings you regular COVID-19 update from Prof. Dr. Florian Krammer, an Austrian virologist who works and teaches at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York City.

Careful! Our Eyes are Vulnerable

Wave after wave of COVID-19, and we’re still unable to defend against widespread community infection, even worse with the new omicron variant. May...

Update: Austria’s Travel Restrictions Under Nationwide Lockdown

Planning a trip to Austria for the holiday season? While borders are still open during the nationwide lockdown and travel from most countries is possible, tourism is effectively closed under current regulations.

Get Your Booster Shot Now!

On Sunday, Metropole brings you a COVID-19 update from Prof. Dr. Florian Krammer, an Austrian virologist who works and teaches at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York City.

Black Fungus: Another Risk with COVID-19

Doctors have discovered that COVID patients are more susceptible to infection with mucurmycetes molds. The infection is still rare in Europe, but on the rise and dangerous.

First Ischgl Lawsuit for COVID-19 Damages Filed

More than a year after the Ischgl outbreak the first lawsuit was brought before the civil court last Friday. The widow and son of a 72-year-old jo...

Vienna’s Current Coronavirus Rules – in Short

With cases numbers rising and vaccination numbers stalling, the City of Vienna has introduced new measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Austria’s COVID-19 Plan for the Fall

Almost two thirds of Austrians are vaccinated, but the coronavirus is now spreading fast among the unvaccinated. The government has now presented their plan for the fall.

What the New Austrian School Year Brings

As students return to school across Austria, new rules aim to keep them safe. Here’s all you need to know about the coronavirus rules and what other innovations await pupils

President Van der Bellen Urges Austrians to Get Vaccinated

Responding to stagnating vaccination rates, the Austrian head of state posted a personal video message asking everyone to “be part of the solution.”

Austria Introduces New Measures After a Surge in Cases

The government is once again tightening coronavirus measures after the relative summer calm, bracing the country for a potential fourth wave after the number of Covid-19 infections nears 1,000 new cases per day.

Summer in Vienna Brings Lifted Restrictions

As the weather gets warmer, restrictions are continuing to soften. Soon we will be able to enjoy summer in Vienna as we know it – night clubs are reopening, weddings and big events will be unrestricted.

Quarantine Requirements in Austria Lifted for a Number of Countries

The Austrian government ended quarantine requirements for several countries on May 19. But entry from many others remain restricted – especially those affected by COVID-19 variants.

Austria to Open Up on May 19

Schools will resume in-person instruction on May 17. Starting on May 19, restaurants and hotels can reopen, culture and sports events can take place again – for those who are tested or vaccinated. Here are all the details

WKÖ and ÖGB Condemn “Easter Lockdown”

In a rare show of unity, the Austrian Economic Chambers and Trade Union Federation call the latest anti-COVID measures “not feasible” in a joint statement.

Coronavirus Variants are Here to Stay – What We Need to Know

Strains from the UK, South Africa, and Brazil are worrisome, but there's no need to panic, as long as we follow the general measures to reduce spreading of the virus.

Us & Them – Protecting Your Pets in the Pandemic

Animals are not the problem: Although this all began with a bat in a live wet market, coronaviruses rarely jump between species. And if so, it’s mostly from us to them.

Bavarian Borders, Tyrolean Tantrums

Concerns over virus mutations have led Germany to close its frontier to Tyrol, setting off traffic jams on the streets and brawls among top officials. Even Brussels has chimed in.

COVID Vaccine Acceptance Growing, Amid Fears and Protest

As inoculation continues, Austrians are increasingly receptive, while in Czechia and our CEE neighbors, high COVID infection rates are often accompanied by skepticism and widespread disinformation.

How Austria Plans to Support Its Schools & Artists

With schools in distance learning until February and cultural institutions closed perhaps through March, the government is stepping up support measures.