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5 Movies and Series to Stream in Austria This Spring

Thanks to successive lockdowns and closed cinemas, streaming has become an even bigger part of our pandemic lives, and while many productions grinded to a halt last year, this spring’s lineup features an iconic superhero indulging in ’80s nostalgia, a Victorian sci-fi extravaganza, a comedy icon revisiting one of his most beloved characters, an animated Bollywood melodrama and a madcap Spanish road saga.

Alice Urbach’s Stolen Cookbook

The bestseller by a society caterer and celebrity chef in interwar Vienna was aryanized, her name erased from history. Now, a century later, her granddaughter reveals her story.

Is Liberalism Dying? A Look at What Went Wrong After 1989

“The Light that Failed: A Reckoning” by IWM fellow Ivan Krastev and NYU professor Stephen Holmes explains what went wrong with Western liberalism.

Is Vienna a Fashion Capital? Not Yet.

Once a burgeoning capital of fashion, Vienna lost its design industry with the Jews who supported it and has struggled in the decades since. But the next chapter may be different.

Saving the Salzburg Festival

A musicians' initiative to do aerosol studies made the Festival's 100th anniversary possible after all. From here, the studies will help the Vienna Philharmonic and others stay safe from COVID-19.

Sisters and Business Partners

At the Viennese label Kids of the Diaspora, founders Leni Charles and Cherrellone do everything together – even motherhood – creating a space where everyone belongs.

Our Top 5 Picks to Stream This Summer

A search for self in lost memories, crafting a more inclusive historic Hollywood, the final triumph of the greatest basketball team ever and a send-up of American interstellar militarism all vie for your attention.

Hungarian Theater Is Threatened

The autonomy of the internationally renowned Hungarian University of Theater and Film Arts is undermined by a government-controlled restructuring.

Stoppard’s Leopoldstadt Is a Portrait of Vienna’s Jewish Life

Lush and ultimately shattering, Leopoldstadt is a loving portrait of Jewish life in early 20th century Vienna, and a heartfelt embrace of Stoppard’s own immigrant story.

Legendary Cellist and Conductor Anita Lasker-Wallfisch at the Salzburg Festival

In celebration of the Festival's 100th anniversary, the last surviving member of the Women's Orchestra at Auschwitz, now 95, spoke by video about the role of music in her life.

Before Sunrise: Celebrating 25 Years of Vienna’s Iconic Film

Shot in just 25 days in the summer of 1994, Richard Linklater’ s disarming look at flirtation, friendship and conversation opened the 1995 Sundance Film Festival, leading to two sequels and a creative partnership.

Vienna’s Artists Bring the Best of Culture to Your Couch

Cultural life on Austria is on standby – but not quite. Many institutions are trying to keep the spirit alive online. We’ve compiled the best of Vienna’s cultural offerings you can enjoy from your couch.

Yale Historian Frank Snowden on Epidemics and Society

Yale professor of medical history Frank Snowden’s sweeping analysis of pandemics over the centuries, concludes that while science advances, people do not. An unsettling but gripping read.

Froth and Finesse

The longest-running piece of musical theater of all time, Die Fledermaus captures an era, and (perhaps) the way Austrians like to see themselves.

Reconsidering Thomas Bernhard

On the 30th anniversary of his death, the Austrian author’s acerbic wit still cuts through the pomposities and pettiness of a society hiding from itself.

New Perspectives

It’s easy to be a film buff in Vienna: With not one but two film museums and numerous cinemas specializing in original-language fare, offbeat, indepen...

Opening the Castle Gates

With high culture such an integral part of the Austrian identity, there are few positions as coveted and prestigious as director of Vienna’s B...

How To… Become an Art Collector

The scene may feel like an impenetrable world from the outside. In truth, it’s within any art lover’s reach. The trick is knowing where to look – and how.

The Long Winter of Discontent

Philipp Blom sets out to demonstrate how rapid climate change can dramatically upset our social and economic structures, our everyday lives. It has ha...

Who Owns Kafka’s Legacy?

The struggle over a rich literary inheritance opens questions of identity regarding the seminal writer, a Czech who was also Jewish but wrote in Germa...

The Floating World of Impulstanz

With courses for all ages, bodies and skills, Europe’s largest contemporary dance festival can be very rewarding for novice dancers – if you’re willing to put in the work.

Popular Movement

Ever since its inception, Impulstanz has grown in reach and output while welcoming all ages, all levels, all bodies.  The expansive world of contem...

All Salzburg’s a Stage

Born out of the ashes of the Great War, the Salzburg Festspiele carries on Max Reinhardt's dream of a Europe united through culture. Where other...

Performing Private Parts

Thiasus’ production of The Vagina Monologues brings real-life stories about the joys and sorrows of femininity to Vienna. When The Vagina Monologue...

Kosher Cinema

Vienna’s Jewish Film Festival once again presents a broad range of cinematic gems while documenting the achievements of those that came before us. ...

A Hello to Arms | Rojava at the Volkstheater

Rojava offers lessons on love, life and death from the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria Rojava, the self-described autonomous admi...

Into The Multiform

Mark Rothko makes his first appearance in Austria, with a comprehensive retrospective spanning his entire career. Unconstrained by the boundaries o...

Double Indemnity

Featuring comedy, mystery and mistaken identity, Corpse! at Vienna’s English Theatre draws on tried and tested tricks for an entertaining show The ...

Poetic Injustice

James Baldwin’s If Beale Street Could Talk takes flight under director Barry Jenkins At its best, fiction can portray reality in a way that non-fic...

Coffeehouse Diaspora

In A Rich Brew, Shachar Pinsker makes a convincing case for the role of cafés in fostering a golden age of Jewish culture. In any guidebook about Vie...

The Ironies of History

In Éric Vuillard’s award-winning historical novel The Order of the Day, an absurd and tragic encounter seals Austria’s fate. The hour grows late and...

Europe’s Essence

Robert Menasse’s award-winning The Capital is a dark but affectionate satire on the European idea. Robert Menasse has long been preoccupied with th...

Metropole Events | Spring 2019

BOOK PRESENTATION | From Empire to Republic It’s been 100 years since the Habsburg Empire dissolved into several new, independent republics...

Back from Oblivion

Vienna’s female artists get some long overdue time in the limelight at the Lower Belvedere. Three women gaze down from the wall: One in a red dre...

A Feast for the Senses

The MAK honors Koloman Moser influential and abundant body of work "Koloman Moser Universalkünstler" proclaims the publicity by the Museum of Appli...

Book Release | From Empire to Republic

Home Town Media presents From Empire to Republic Thanks for attending the event at Buchhandlung Kuppitsch Schottengasse 4, 1010 Wien In case...

Arrested Development at Theater Drachengasse

Annie Baker’s play "The Flick" puts the mundane into the spotlight at Theater Drachengasse. Growing up is never easy, as anyone who has ever done so ...

Music is Trump

The Resonanzen Festival, nine intensive days of early music in January, confirms that music still holds all the cards. It’s not f...
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