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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
An intro to subscriptions for the upcoming music season, or how to remember where you put the tickets The concert season has finally reopened. From now until the last day of June, Vienna’s concert halls offer a musical bounty that is unsurpassed. For the most part,  this means “classical” music: a term that, for some, exudes a musty odor inducing visions...
Maria Lassnig
The celebrated Austrian artist is shown in a new light with many previously unseen works Somewhat ironically for an artist of such renown, Maria Lassnig claimed she was “a researcher, not a painter.” It makes a great deal of sense to bear this in mind as the Albertina presents a retrospective of around 100 drawings and watercolors to commemorate the...
Barry Jenkins’ Oscar winner - Moonlight - tackles contemporary issues, captivating critics and festival audiences A semi-autobiographical cinematic memoir, Moonlight tells of poverty, prejudice and drug abuse in bustling Miami by following young Chiron, as he tries to reach adulthood. Battling harsh emotional conditions in a hostile environment, Chiron is played by several actors as the character ages and deals with...
Tulip Fever
A star-studded cast, magnificent costumes and a story of feverish love Based on a bestselling 1999 novel by prolific English novelist Deborah Moggach and adapted by Academy-award winning playwright Sir Tom Stoppard, Tulip Fever is set against the backdrop of an infamous investment bubble in 17th-century Amsterdam for a riveting historical drama of lust, betrayal and revenge: A struggling...
©Warren Richardson - Hope for a New
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On Tyranny
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Blue Bird Festival
The Vienna Songwriting Association puts indie music on center stage Giving artists the chance to wow an audience hungry for newcomers, the Blue Bird Festival beckons with an eclectic line-up of rock, folk, blues, electric and country, showcasing the versatility of contemporary folk and singer/songwriting. Organized by the not-for-profit Vienna Songwriting Association, the three-day festival is now in its 12th edition,...
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Societal upheaval, as shown by Japanese cinema. Influenced by the French nouvelle vague and a budding generation gap as postwar children came of age, Japanese cinema underwent tectonic changes during the late 1950s and 1960s. Facing commercial and cultural irrelevance after youth-oriented blockbusters by rivals, Shōchiku, Japan’s oldest film studio, decided to break tradition by proclaiming a “new wave” of...