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Saturday, April 21, 2018
books smart urbanism
Smart cities claim to improve the lives, productivity and eco-balance of their citizens. A new collection of essays questions whether the vision lives up to the promiseThe notion that technological change benefits citizens and consumers is nothing new. It is a narrative offered by forward-looking entrepreneurs, futurologists, philosophers and politicians. A key focus is the city, the physical space...
E-readers may be an innovative, eco-friendly alternative to pulp. But are publishers now looking over your shoulder while you read?Have you heard about the latest innovation in book publishing? Neither have we. Like most monopolies, the traditional book publishing business resists change, even as retail bookselling has been disrupted almost beyond recognition by digital technology.Launched in 1995, Amazon revolutionized...
book review paul lendvai orban
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Irony Perloff
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book review angel of oblivion
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Habsburg Empire Pieter Judson
A myth-busting new history of the Habsburg Empire by Pieter M. Judson gives valuable insights on nationalism and identity in Central EuropeIn June 1911, over four and a half million citizens of the Austro-Hungarian Empire went to the polling stations to elect a new parliament. People from Bukowina to Vorarlberg, from Trieste to Prague were keen to decide their...
Idyll with Drowning Dog and Madalyn
Austrian Michael Köhlmeier’s reinvention of the novel with Idyll with Drowning Dog and MadalynMichael Köhlmeier is a man of his times. One of the most respected writers of his generation in Austria, Köhlmeier is a novelist who has also played important public roles – as moderator of the leading news round table “Club 2” on ORF national television, and...
Doing business with people from different cultural backgrounds can be tricky. Understanding them is the first step to making it workThere is an old adage that the British and Americans are two peoples separated by a common language: When the British “table a discussion,” they bring it up for consideration. When the Americans “table” one, they put it aside...
Traveler, soldier, linguist, scholar, bon vivant, grand flaneur, Patrick Leigh Fermor was one of the greatest travel writers of the 20th century. Artemis Cooper recounts his peripatetic life with great affection and humor in Patrick Leigh Fermor: An Adventure.  Today “Paddy” Fermor is best known for walking from the Hook of Holland to Istanbul in 1933-35, which he chronicled in...