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Tuesday, January 16, 2018
philipp oberlohr
Baffling and bewildering, illusionist Philipp Oberlohr knows everything about youAs I walked through the 16th district, I suddenly got a queasy feeling. I was on my way to The Game, a performance by illusionist Philipp Oberlohr, but, inexplicably, something felt off. I walked up a narrow staircase to the first floor of an ominous abandoned warehouse, and reached an...
The compact disc is still a viable archival medium, especially for classical musicI just read a Japanese best-seller about cleaning. The basic premise is that if you reduce your belongings to a perfect minimum of only those things you feel deeply about, then designate each a special place in your home, you will live the rest of your days...
robert frank
Don’t Blink is an insightful gaze into the life and mind of iconoclastic photographer Robert FrankThe camera zeroes in on an unkempt, disheveled elderly gentleman; a question comes from off screen: “What makes a good photo?” The old man breaks out into a smile, and says, “It should be sharp!” The grin widens.Meet Robert Frank, legendary photog­rapher, filmmaker, artist...
review twilight of empire
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viennale 2017
Cinephiles rejoice! Every year, Christmas comes early as the Viennale rolls in, offering up a broad swath of features, documentaries and short films from crowd pleasers to experimental works, supplemented with retrospectives and gems of non-western cinemaWith about 300 different films over two weeks however, even the most enthusiastic movieholic may feel overwhelmed. But fear not, METROPOLE has you...
A new adaptation of Stephen King's signature novel once again proves that parents and clowns are children's worst nightmare Traumatizing children and ruining the circus since 1986, Stephen King’s It remains one of the bestselling author’s most recognizable works, thanks in no small part to a memorable performance by Tim Curry as the titular monster in a 1990 television adaptation....
robert schenkkan
The Vienna Theatre Project brings Robert Shenkkan’s Building The Wall to life in an atmospheric premiereThe air was hot and thick during the European premiere of Building the Wall at Theater Drachengasse, intensifying a sense of foreboding. Written by award-winning playwright Robert Shenkkan (who had flown in from L.A. for the occasion) and directed by Joanna Godwin-Seidl, the Vienna Theatre...
late fame
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weird vienna
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