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Sunday, April 22, 2018
elina brotherus
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Keith Haring
A tribute to the artist, 
from graffiti to the Guggenheim.One of the most recognized artists of the 1980s, Keith Haring channeled ancient cave paintings and graffiti to create a universal symbolism that could reach anyone. Starting his career drawing white chalk outlines on blank advertising spaces in New York City subway stations, he was arrested for vandalism several times,...
Frederick Baker’s tour de force Klimt’s Magic Garden premiers a work and a technology.This is not the Klimt that launched a thousand place mats and filled the bottomless shelves of souvenir shops ... This is Klimt as you have never seen him before. If indeed it is Klimt.Frederick Baker, an Austro-British filmmaker and media all-rounder, has created something unique...
Dennis Kozeluh
Veteran actor Dennis Kozeluh on improvisation and musical entertainment.“I didn’t think I’d spend my life on stage, but I have!”, Dennis Kozeluh laughs, an easy smile on his face. Part of the noted local improv group The English Lovers for 20 years, his voice is warm and vibrant, the dark wooden table he keeps knocking on to punctuate his...
Austria’s current political situation is scathingly portrayed in Gutmenschen.Tragedy need not be spectacular; sometimes all it takes to tear a life apart is a single letter. Gutmenschen, a new play by the Volkstheater ensemble and the Israeli born, award-winning director Yael Ronen, illustrates that with great humor and yet still manages to touch. Named after a derogatory German term...
cuarteto casals
Some might find it astonishing that the string quartets by Beethoven continue to be a defining edifice in the music world.But once again, there is proof of their endurance: The Cuarteto Casals has chosen to celebrate its 20th anniversary with an international concert tour of the complete set, performed over two weekends in six concerts. Vienna’s turn to hear...
book review paul lendvai orban
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shape of water
Guillermo del Toro once again blends reality and fantasy, crafting an unusual, transcendant love story.Highly esteemed for his visual panache as seen in films like Pan‘s Labyrinth, Hellboy and Crimson Peak, director, screenwriter, producer and novelist Guillermo del Toro spins another adult fairy tale with The Shape of Water, an unusual love story of opposites attracting each other.Set in...
A puny Matt Damon grapples with big ideas in the sci-fi dramedy Downsizing.Alexander Payne has done it again. The acclaimed director-screenwriter behind contemporary classics About Schmidt, Sideways and The Descendants crafted a film unlike any other in today’s profitable but repetitive Hollywood. In a box office world replete with sequels, franchises, adaptations and reboots, his new movie Downsizing is both...